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Stable Commercial Asia FUJI Parts for Elevator and Funicular Car Product Description Asia FUJI Elevator adopts 32-bit parallel central processing unit for high-speed processing. The most advanced double closed-loop system of Asian FUJI Elevator ensures high-precision and fast response control in the range of the highest speed and the lowest speed. Asia FUJI Elevator uses the latest permanent magnet gearless to replace the traditional worm and worm traction machine, realizing the super miniaturization of the traction machine, thin, light weight, small volume, eliminating the mechanical loss between the gears, saving more than 60% energy compared with the previous elevator technology, reaching the environmental protection requirements of no oil, maintenance free, minimum noise, minimum vibration, and minimum machine room. Technical Parameters Features 1.Safety&Reliability Asia FUJI elevator put passengers safety at first,the elevator networking is incorporated into the Internet platform,all information of the elevator can be querried,maintained and managed. 2.Cost Reduction At present, most elevator manufacturers are generally uses the braking energy, the energy consumption on the resistance, FUJI elevator drive system adopts regenerative braking units, the elevator can run in four quadrant of the energy feedback to the power grid so brings 50% energy-saving than ordinary AC elevator,20% than the ordinary elevator, greatly reduces the operating costs of the lift. 3.Environmental-Friendly FUJI elevator uses the latest permanent magnet gearless to replace the traditional turbo worm tractor, realizing the miniaturization of the tractor, light weight, small size, eliminating the mechanical consumption between the gears, and achieving the environmental requirements of no oil, no maintenance, minimum noise, minimum engine room. 4.High Technology FUJI elevator adopts VVVF technology,and also uses IGBT,which is the most advanced transistor in the world,the noise of the motor is greatly reduced and the service life of the motor is prolonged. Our Factory About Asia FUJI Elevator Asia FUJI elevator Co., Ltd. is a professional elevator manufacturer integrating R&D,design,production,sales,installation and maintenance.Its main products include passenger elevator,cargo elevator,sightseeing elevator,sickbed elevator,villa elevator,car elevator,escalator,automatic pedestrian way,sundry elevator,three-dimentional garage and other products.

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