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Sticky Sublimation Coating Powder Sticky sublimation coating powder is specifically designed and developed for the elastic fabric transfer printing, to prevent the overlap of the pattern, deformation and other issues of elastic fabric in the process of transfer, resulting in a very low pass rate of transfer printing Characteristic: 1.During the transferring , the sticky coating powder could be able to stick the fabric and paper, but there is no glue residue on the fabric after stripping; 2.The stickiness of the fabric and paper can be adjusted by the manufacturer of the transfer paper under the advice of our company; and the viscosity is more stable, which can be stored for a long time. High Concentration Sublimation Coating Powder For the current high-speed coating machines, our company independently develops a solid content of more than 30% of the coating chemical-high concentration coating powder. On the basis of no increasing in costs, the coating speed could be signnificantly improved, and production capacity will be doubled than the fast-dry coating powders. Characteristic: For high-speed coating machine production, coating manufacturer should have a mature coating technology. Fast-dry Sublimation Coating Powder The formulation of the first generation of digital sublimation transfer paper coating is widely used in the market, but gradually it cann't be matched with the requirement of high-speed printer due to the high cost, low production efficiency and slow drying of printing coating. Characteristic: Nano-induced secondary self-assembly techniques of this coating material , are greatly improved in the following aspects: 1.The overall cost of this fast-dry mixed powder is reduced while the usability of the powder remains unchanged; 2.This fast-dry coating powder can improve the efficiency of coating production, and the production speed can be promoted by more than 25% 3.Due to functional improvement, the printing drying rate of this product has been improved more than one time, and it can save large amount of electric powder from the baking lamp. How to use our coating powder: 1.Adding proportional water into stirring tank, keep water temperature as same as room temperature. 2.Put whole bag coating powder slowly into agitator while stirring, and keep stirring until the chemical powder dissolving uniformly into water, no lump on the surface of liquid. The dissolution time depends on the method of agitator. 3.Taking some samples of doing tests after dissolving, and take notes of glue temperature and corresponding viscosity, ensure the qualified testing result before filtration. 4.Two times of filtration before coating on machine with 800-100mesh filter 5.The liquid glue remain on machine is recyclable while coating. It should be through filter screen again and can be used in mixing with fresh liquid coating chemicals. Million-ton New Material(Suzhou) Co., LTD Cindy Website:

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