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Product Description Model RKFD-220 RKFD-330 RKFD-450 RKFD-450B RKFD-550 Paper bag cutting length (C) 190-395mm 260-530mm 260-530mm 360-800mm 360-800mm Paper bag width (W) 80-220mm 130-330mm 150-450mm 220-450mm 220-550mm Paper bag bottom width (H) 50-100mm 70-180mm 90-200mm 100-250mm 100-250mm Paper thickness 45-120g/m2 60-160g/m2 60-160g/m2 80-160g/m2 80-160g/m2 Production speed 30-200pcs/min 60-200pcs/min 60-180pcs/min 30-120pcs/min 30-100pcs/min Paper roll width 290-670mm 430-1050mm 570-1290mm 670-1430mm 670-1630mm Air supply 0.6-1.2Mpa 0.6-1.2Mpa 0.6-1.2Mpa 0.6-1.2Mpa 0.6-1.2Mpa Air consumption 0.12m3/min 0.12m3/min 0.12m3/min 0.12m3/min 0.12m3/min Power 11 KW 8 KW 8 KW 15 KW 15 KW Weight 5000 KGS 8500 KGS 10000 KGS 12000 KGS 14000 KGS Dimension(L*W*H) 8000*3000*2000mm 9200*2100*2000mm 9200*2450*2000mm 11000*3400*2000mm 11000*3400*2000mm Paper bag machine series is applied to produce many types of paper bags without handles, such as food paper bag, shopping bags and so on. It is an ideal equipment for producing mid-size and big-size paper bags fast. This machine is side gluing, roll folding, roll paper cutting, bottom folding, bottom gluing, bottom forming, bag out in one line. It is easy to operate, high efficient, stable and effectively save labor costs.The equipped photoelectric detector can correct cutting length, so as to ensure cutting precision. The equipped Yaskawa PLC system ensures that the machine can perform quickly and stably. Special bags collection platform and counting function, improve packing efficiency of paper bags packing. This machine can produce paper bags of varying greatly sizes at a high speed, thus is especially suitable for being applied in food and clothing industries. 1. The human-machine touch screen interface, the work condition can be shown in real- time. 2. Equipped with accurate servo motor drive, it makes the machine run steadily and efficiently. 3. Material loading and unloading adopts pneumatic or hydraulic lifting structure. 4. Automatic constant tension control system. The tension will be just right from beginning to end. 5. Double photoelectric sensor limit automatic correction control system and deviation rectification stability, energy saving,long life. 6.Thumb buttons, appressed bottom cutting device, bag type have many choices. 7. Don't stop machine adjust double bottom structure, the adjustment will become more intuitive, more simple, more time saving. 8. Glue roller air defense coating control,avoid gluing on besmear brushs hub surface directly, reduce unnecessary trouble. 9. Accurate color tracking system, automatic alarm prompt when color is wrong. 10. Adjustable forming mould structure (side sealing is above the forming mould). 11. Handle production unit, paper handle cutting and gluing are all controlled by servo motor. Wenzhou Rokin Machinery CO. Ltd is the manufacturer of full automatic paper bag machine, square bottom paper bag machine, v bottom paper bag machine, case making machine, cardboard slitting machine and related auxiliary equipment, etc. Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company? A: We are the manufacturer and have over 200 workers. Q: Where is your factory located? May I have a visit? A: Warmly welcome! Our factory is located in Wenzhou city. Q: How is the quality of your machine? A: We are in machine manufacturer over 20 years and regard quality as the life of the enterprise.We choose the world famous manufacturers as our suppliers. And besides, we have our own quality inspector.Machine parts are checked one by one according to the drawings! Good quality and good after-sales help us obtain good reputation in the international market! We have a technical

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