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Product Description Automatic Layer/Chick Chicken House Spray Disinfection System Introducing our high-quality Automatic Layer/Chick Chicken House Spray Disinfection System, designed to provide efficient and reliable disinfection for your poultry farm. This system is perfect for maintaining a hygienic environment and ensuring the health and safety of your chickens. Our system is equipped with durable SS316L hygienic fittings and connectors, made from premium stainless steel pipe fittings. These fittings are not only long-lasting but also highly resistant to corrosion, ensuring a prolonged lifespan for your disinfection system. As a trusted supplier of hygienic pipe fittings, we guarantee the highest quality and reliability in our products. Our SS316L hygienic fittings are designed to meet the strictest industry standards, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your purchase. The Automatic Layer/Chick Chicken House Spray Disinfection System is easy to install and operate, making it a convenient solution for your poultry farm. With its automatic functionality, you can save time and effort by allowing the system to handle the disinfection process efficiently. Invest in our Automatic Layer/Chick Chicken House Spray Disinfection System and experience the benefits of a clean and healthy environment for your chickens. Order now from the leading supplier of hygienic pipe fittings and connectors. Certifications Company Profile We are a modern enterprise integrating design, forging, production, sales and service. Specializing in a variety of dairy food, pharmaceutical, chemical, beer equipment, stainless steel sanitary pipe fittings, tank top device, nozzle plate, high-precision stainless steel disc valve and non-standard accessories and other products production and sales, welcome to buy our products, we will provide customers with the best quality products and services Sanitary Valves Sanitary Butterfly Valves Sanitary Check Valves Sanitary Ball Valves Sanitary Divert Valves Sanitary Diaphragm Valves Sanitary Sample Valves Sanitary Mixproof Valves Sanitary Pipe Fittings Sanitary Elbow Sanitary Tee Sanitary Reducer Sanitary Cross Sanitary Triclamp Ferrule Sanitary Cap Sanitary Pipe Hanger Sanitary Tank Cleaning Ball Sanitary Hose Joint Sanitary Unions Sanitary Sight Glass Sanitary Strainer Sanitary Manways Sanitary Round Manway without Pressure Sanitary Round Manway with Pressure Sanitary Square Manway Sanitary Oval Manway Sanitary Pumps Sanitary Centrifugal Pump Sanitary Lobe Pump Sanitary Self Priming Pump Sanitary Tanks Storage Tank Fermentation Tank Mixing Tank Warm-keeping Tank Sanitary Tube Seamless Tube Weldless Tube Sanitary Gasket Silicone/EPDM Gasket for Triclamp Silicone/EPDM Gasket for Union Silicone/EPDM Gasket for Butterfly Valve Silicone/EPDM Gasket for Manhole Cover FAQ 1. Are you a trader or manufactor?. We are a manufactor (Forging workshop and CNC machining workshop ) 2. Can your products reach to FDA , CE and 3A requirements? Yes, all of our material can reach to the requirements of FDA, ISO and 3A Certificate). 3.We can supply: Sanitary Butterfly Valve, Sanitary Check Valve and Diaphragm Valves, as well as Various Tank Accessories: Sight Glass, Strainers/Filter, Cleaning Ball, And other Pipe Fittings, (Pipe Unions: SMS, DIN, IDF, RJT, 3A,DS; Fittings: Ferrule,Elbow, Tee, Reducer and all other Non-standrad fittings), each products are tested well by our strictly Quality Control System, and we also have excellent service to support you and promote your business. 4. how can we guarantee quality? Always a pre-production sample before mass production; Always final Inspection before shipment 5. what services can we provide? Acc

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