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1.Introduction The digital display liquid pressure densimeter is a special instrument for measuring the density of drilling fluid and other liquid substances. The instrument is mainly composed of a primary machine, a sample cup and a pressurizer. It collects data through sensor, CPU processes it, and display window shows density of liquid. The instrument is to inject the drilling fluid sample into a fixed volume sample cup under the condition of pressure, so as to minimize the influence of air or other gases mixed into the drilling fluid on the density measurement of the drilling fluid. After the sample cup is pressurized, the volume of any entrained gas can be compressed to a negligible extent, so that the measured density is closer to the value under the bottom hole conditions. Compared with conventional densitometer, it can measure more accurate results. 2.Type Specification Model Name HTD 11870 Digital-display Pressurized Fluid Density Scale 3. Working Principle The liquid density is directly displayed in the liquid crystal display window through the conversion of pressure sensor through a single-board computer program. 4.Technical Specification No. Technical Specification 1 Power AC(220V±11)V 50Hz 2 Measuring Range 0.001~10g/cm3 3 Measuring Accuracy ±0.001 g/cm3 4 Working Temperature 64~79ºF (18~26ºC) 5 Cup Capacity 210ml 6 Net Weight / Gross Weight 25/30kg 7 Overall Dimensions 550x400x430(mm) 8 Packing Size 630x480x510(mm) HOT SALE: Certification: Team: Workshop: Warehouse and transportation: FAQ: Q1 : Are you a manufacturer or a trading company ? A1: We are manufacturer. Q2: What is your main brand? A2: Our brand is Haitongda , which is famous in China and other nation. Also we do OEM. Q3: What are your business scope and product classification? A3:Business scope: mud analysis instrument, electronic products, special instrument, mold design and manufacturing; Instrument maintenance and sales; Import and export of goods and technologies. Product classification: including drilling fluid analysis instrument, oil well cement testing instrument and field overall solution, including 22 small categories and over 120 products. Q4: What is your MOQ for the order? A4: Testers per 1 set. Q5: What is the warranty period of your instrument? A5: One year. Q6: Can I get better offer if our order can be bigger? A6: Certainly. We will give you better prices based on the quantity for your order. Q7:What certificate do you have for your instrument? Q7: ISO, SGS and so on Q8: What is your lead time for our order? A8: For new order: 3 weeks; For stock order: 3 working days after T/T. Based on FOB Qingdao. Q9: What is your advantage of your factory? A9: We are the original oil ministry designated drilling fluid analysis equipment manufacturer in China, which was founded in 1968. Q10: What is the process to become an agency? A10: Please send us mail enquiry, then we will reply you as soon as possible. Contact us: Qingdao Haitongda Special Instrument Co.,Ltd. Add:No.320, Jiushui East Road,Licang district,Qingdao City,Shandong Province,China(266100)
Model HTD11870 Digital Pressurized Mud Density Meter

Model HTD11870 Digital Pressurized Mud Density Meter

US $ 4,326-6,149/ Piece FOB
MOQ: 1 Piece
Since 2019
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