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Product Description aluminum/Plywood/MDF panel PVC film sticking laminating machine This type machine is the best choice for laminate decorative material (PVC,PE, wood grain paper etc.)on the surface of the flat board(MDF board,density board, particle board, aluminum panel,steel panel,PVC panel etc.It equipped with dust-cleaning part, glue coating machine,glue heating part, cold and hot pressure part,can finish dust-cleaning, glue coating, hot & cold pressure, material sticking.The final product has a flat surface without wrinkles Technical parameters aluminum/Plywood/MDF panel PVC film sticking laminating machine Detail information aluminum/Plywood/MDF panel PVC film sticking laminating machine The glue coating part 1:Steel roller together with rubber roller makes the glue coating more uniform. 2:The machine adopt big glue box, adding glue will be more convenient and quick. 3:Main body made by 16mm thickness steel panel,make sure the service life of the machine longer The pressing part 1:Three sets of hot steel pressing roller together with two sets of cold rubber pressing roller. 2:The steel rollers continuous heating in a constant temperature to make sure the surface much more flat. 3:Pressing rollers's lifting adopts fully automatic turbine worm lift,uses digital shifter with vernier device to adjust the distance to make sure the high accuracy, products paste more closely. 3:Main body made by 16mm thickness steel panel,make sure the service life of the machine longer Final product This photo shows laminate pvc film on Particle board,the surface is flat and strong. Thank you for all of our customer,Your satisfaction is what keeps us going. Our factory Qingdao Qili Machinery CO.,LTD has more than 12 years experience for produce Woodworking Machine (Paper and PVC laminating Machine, PUR Laminating Machine, Profile Wrapping Machine, CNC router and vacuum membrane press machine.) Our company makes great efforts in the design, development and manufacture of cover adorn machines for many years, and we have accumulated rich experience in products' research and development. We never stop to advance and pursuit best. The convenient economical design and durable subassemblies help customers use facility easily. We are ready to introduce advanced technology into our new products. For each machine, we really concern about its function and practicability. We believe a good reputation roots from strong quality guarantee. Only with best durable, reliable and credible quality merchandise could win customers' heart, and our present leading position in cover adorn machine field results from it. After sale service: One-year warrant for factory defeat,6 months warranty for electric components,we will change new parts under warranty free of charge,hower we don't take responsibilities for parts due to natural wear-out and operation by mistic or any misuses.We promise a whole-life after-sale maintenance and support,call us any time. Note:Oversea customer may need to undertake the roundway tickets,provide acommodation and food for our after-sale stuff if need our stuff flies over,if not we can only support you by email,videos,camera,ect. will spare no solve problem. FAQ: 1. What is the based panel for this laminating machine? The machine can laminate the flat panel, like MDF, WPC, Solid board, Plywood, Decoration panel, Laminated wood board, Fire-proof plate, Particle board, Flake board, Fiber board, wood plastic board, Melamine board, Steel board, Aluminum board, etc. 2. What is the covered material? The covered materials are PVC, Film, Paper, Veneer, PE, Leather, Aluminum foil, etc. 3. What glue can be use in production? Solvent glue, water base white glue Please feel free to contact us

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