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Other Motorcycle Parts & Accessories is a very important category in the Auto, Motorcycle Parts & Accessories industry. A good Other Motorcycle Parts & Accessories can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Other Motorcycle Parts & Accessories available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Other Motorcycle Parts & Accessories are made from various kinds of features such as Certification, ISO9001: 2000, CCC, CE, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Certification for example, you can find ISO9001: 2000 Certification, CCC Certification and more.

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YOUR DESIGN WE HELP TO ACHIEVE,AS YOUR SINCERE PARTNER! SINCERITY QUALITY COMPETENCE General Products Application /Service Area: Metal parts for vehicle, agriculture machine, construction machine, transportation equipment, Valve and Pump system. E.g. Engine bracket, truck chassis bracket, gear box , gear housing , gear cover, shaft, spline shaft , pulley, flange, connection pipe, pipe, hydraulic valve, valve housing ,Fitting , flange, wheel, flywheel, oil pump housing, starter housing, coolant pump housing, transmission shaft , transmission gear, sprocket, chains etc. Product Name Manufacture Customized Service Die Cast Aluminum Handle Main blank Process for Aluminum Casting Die Casting, Permanent Molding /Gravity Casting, Low Pressure Casting, High Pressure Casting/Sand Casting, Extrusion Casting etc. Blanks Tolerance -Casting Tolerance CT4-6 for Permanent Molding, Die Casting. Applicable Material for casting A356.0/ZL101,GAlSi7Mg (3.2371.61)/AlSi7Mg/, A-S7G, Al Si Alloy, Al Cu Alloy ZL201 Al Mg Alloy ZL301,ZL302, Al Zn Alloy ZL401Zn Alloy Zamak 3, Zamak 5, Zamak 7, Zamak 2 Or according to customer requirements Casting Blank Size /Dimensions 2 mm-1500mm / 0.08inch-60inch , or according to customer requirements Casting Blank Weight Range from 0.01kg-50kg Applicable Machining Process CNC Machining/ Lathing/ Milling/ Turning/ Boring/ Drilling/ Tapping/ Broaching/Reaming /Grinding/Honing and etc. Machining Tolerance From 0.005mm-0.01mm-0.1mm Machined Surface Quality Ra 0.8-Ra3.2 according to customer requirement Applicable Heat Treatment T5~T6 Applicable Finish Surface Treatment Shot/sand blast, polishing, Primer Painting , Powder coating, ED- Coating, Finish Painting, Anodize (White or Black Color) MOQ 1000pcs per batch Lead Time 45days from the receipt date of die handle Products shown here are made to the requirements of specific customers and are illustrative of the types of manufacturing capabilities available within MATECH group of companies. Please send us your detailed drawing/ sample/requirements for us offering a reasonable quotation to you and we will trying our best to make the goods in good quality and delivery in time . MATECH policy is that none of these products will be sold to 3rd parties without written consent of the customers to whom the tooling, design and specifications belong. Product Application Agricultural equipment Armament Automobile industry Computing equipment • Medical / dental instruments • Measuring instruments • Miscellaneous equipment • Pharmaceutical industry • Orthopedic implants • Safety equipment • Petrochemical industry • Industrial valves •Fixing and movable equipment • Sanitary fittings • General machinery • Pumps and general connections Manufacturing Process 1, Aluminium die casting is a process of injection aluminum alloy under pressure, which produces parts in high volume at low costs. 2, There are two processes of Aluminum die casting: hot chamber and cold chamber. 3, A complete cycle can vary from one second for small components to minutes for a casting of large part, making aluminium die casting the fastest technique available for producing precise aluminium alloy parts. 4, Any aluminium alloy die casting parts are customized according to the clients' drawing or samples. 5, Certification: as customer's requirements. Die casting parts Die casting is an industrial casting process for manufacturing cast parts of aluminum, zinc, magnesium or brass. The molten metal is pressed under high pressure into the die where it hardens and is then automatically ejected. A die ca

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