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JIKAI Technology Company is Professional Manufacturer of Underground Mining Equipment MYT-140/320 Hydraulic Roof Bolter Product Introdction: MYT series hydraulic roof bolters are applicable to roof bolting in coal laneway, half-coal laneway and rock laneway with rock hardness no more than 100 MPa. It has the features of high efficiency, large torque, low nosie and light weight. It's unique gyrator system can bear pressure up to 20 MPa, specially designed cooling system can subdue the temperature raise effectively, and advanced system design has improved it's reliability. The machine can be used with the road header. Parameters: At present, our company has built an advanced R&D system:Since 2007, the company has realized the network and digitization of R&D and design work;3D solid design and finite element analysis;Implemented product data lifecycle management (PLM);project workflow management; the integration of PLM system and ERP system;the paperless application of drawings and all technical data. For example: 3D integral casting scraper conveyor not only greatly improves the service life of the scraper, but also promotes the intelligent construction of fully mechanized mining;Anti-gas and anti-groundpressure automatic drilling rig, equipped with remote control and video monitoring system, with real-time data collection functions, with one-key drilling function and anti-stucking functions, suitable for groundpressure prevention;The national III standard explosion-proof diesel engine monorail crane locomotive realizes multi-point direct transportation of hydraulic supports (48T); the drilling and bolting jumbo can drill with one key, and realize the automatic construction of anchor rods and anchor cable holes. With firm determination and strong investment, our company has always improved the quality management system, and effectively implemented the quality management system of full participation, full responsibility, whole process control and continuous improvement.We vigorously improve the quality management level to ensure product quality,meet user requirements and be responsible for users.At present, our company has established an advanced quality assurance system.According to the continuously improving quality management requirements, the company has successively developed quality management software that meets the standard requirements, realizing automatic detection and controlling the whole process. All products have corresponding quality control standards, which are completed simultaneously with design drawings and processes, and are recorded in the information management system. Each product is marked with a unique permanent laser identification code when it is submitted for inspection. The inspection items and records correspond to each identification code, which realizes:1. Unique product quality identification; 2. Traceability of product quality problems; 3. Lifelong responsibility for product quality; 4. The basis for improvement is accurate and sufficient, and the improvement effect is tracked in place. In recent years, we have been rated as Hebei Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Shijiazhuang Coal Mining Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center, Hebei Coal Mine Safety Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center (in preparation), Hebei Coal Mine Safety Equipment Inspection and Testing Platform (in preparation), The public technology research and development platform for coal mining machinery and equipment of the Ministry of Commerce has been fully affirmed by relevant departments in terms of product research and development, quality inspection, engineering technology transformation, and public services. In the future, the engineering laboratory

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