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COMPANY PROFILE Shanghai Donghua High Pressure Homogenizer Factory firstly importing and applying the foreign advanced technology, has over ten years history of researching and manufacturing Donghua GYB serial high pressure homogenizers and other supplementary equipments. The factory owns great engineering technological power and advanced researching inspection facilities, the quality of the high pressure homogenizer ranking top in China. The factory is located in the West South Xiangyang Industry Park and possesses an area of more than 17,600 kilometers. The factory is clean and tidy, with delicate equipments and gracious environment, having a fixed asset of over 48,000,000 RMB.Because our products are manufactured in accordance with high-performance standards and strict safety regulations, many of the world's leading manufacturers are Donghua customers, such as VIVI Group, Bright Dairy Group and Dazai Beverage Co., Ltd. Our homogenizers and colloid mills are popular in more than 80 countries including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, Spain, Japan, South Korea, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Egypt. In order to provide the greatest value to our customers, we provide technical assistance and spare parts service as part of our comprehensive customer service. In addition, we provide a one-year warranty for all products. Product Description: The material is sucked in and pressurized by the plunger pump, and enters the valve block with adjustable pressure under the action of the plunger. After passing through the restrictive gap (working area) of a specific width, the material that loses pressure instantly has a very high flow rate (1000 Up to 1500 m/s) and collide with the collision ring of one of the valve components, producing three effects: Cavitation effect The material compressed by the plunger accumulates extremely high energy, and it loses pressure instantaneously when passing through the flow-limiting gap, causing high-energy release and cavitation explosion, which causes the material to be smashed and refined. Impact effect When the material passes through the restricting gap, it hits the special collision ring at the above extremely high speed, causing the material to be crushed. Shear effect High-speed materials will produce strong shear when passing through the valve cavity channel and the flow limiting gap. Application Areas: -It can be used in pharmaceutical, biological, food and other industries, especially suitable for drug research and development and small pilot test requirements. -Technical performance The crushing rate is high, and the crushing rate can reach more than 95% at one time; The ultra-high pressure design, the pressure can reach 1800bar/27000psi; The special feeding valve design, without exhaust, direct feeding; The frequency conversion control system can be adjusted according to requirements flow; -Built-in cooling system, which directly absorbs and breaks heat to ensure the activity of intracellular substances; It is designed in accordance with GMP and passed the EU CE certification; Optional: pneumatic pressure, PLC control.

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