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Streamlined design , low-profile and aerodynamic design to makes the product one of the thinnest and lightest LED lightbars on the market . The most advanced LED lens technology, pwm frequency-converting techniques and 12/24V feature high lighting performance, low amp draw, and wide application scenarios . Available in single and dual color models. 12 cores sheathed cable : Thick red wire: To 10-28V/DC (15A Fuse) Thick black wire: Ground Yellow wire: Flash pattern ,(to + 12VDC more than 1 second to next pattern, more than 3 seconds return first pattern , Continuously to +12VDC 3 times , all lights steady on. White wire:To 10-28V/DC to turn on two white lights in middle in front row lights . second time ,the lights flash , third time turn off the two lights ,then the two lights work with all lights . Thin red wire: Control front row lights To 10-28V/DC Blue wire : Left arrow lights of rear row lights , To 10-28V/DC Purple wire: Right arrow lights of rear row lights ,To 10-28V/DC (Lights go from center to both sides when blue wire and purple wires connect to 10-28V/DC together ) Brown wire:MODE 1, To 10-28V/DC Orange wire :Control rear row lights to 10-28V/DC Green wire:MODE 2 (It is Prior to MODE1), To 10-28V/DC Gray wire :Connect to 10-28V/DC first time to turn on both sides alley light , second time to connect 10-28V/DC ,both alley lights flash ,third time connect to 10-28V/DC to turn off alley lights . then alley lights work with all lights . Thin black wire :MODE 3 (It is prior to MODE1 and MODE2), To 10-28V/DC

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