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Product Description Description of tempered glass Tempered glass belong to a type of safety glass.It is processed by heating flat glass to approach softening temperature and suddenly jet of the cold air to increase its strength and stress. Advantages of tempered glass 1.Tempered glass is 5 times harder than ordinary float glass 2.Tempered glass is with Excellent mechanical strength and safety performance 3.When the glass broken it disintegrate into small fragments, which dont harm to human body 4.Sizes of tempered glass are produced per customer request, once tempered, cannot be cut down 3.Application: 1) Building glass:window glass;door glass;curtain wall glass; fencing glass in buildings, hotels, etc. 2) Appliance glass:glass door for refrigerator,microwave oven,glass panel for refrigerator,washing machine.etc. 3) Furniture glass:table,cabinet ,etc. 4) Shop display windows, showcases, display shelves etc. HOT-SALE PROUCTS Glass Type Tempered glass / Toughened glass Color Clear / Ultra-clear / Green / Grey / Bronze / Blue etc. Maximum Size 2440*6500mm Minimum Size 200*300mm Thickness Tempered:4-19mm half tempered :4-12mm Glass Type Insulated glass Maximum Size 2500*5000mm Minimum Size 200*300mm Thickness 3-19mm Spacer Thickness 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 20mm Regular Size 5+9A+5 5+9A+5 low-e 5+9A+5 coated 5+12A+5 5+12A+5 low-e 5+12A+5 coated 5+16A+5 5+16A+5 low-e 5+16A+5 coated 5+20A+5 5+20A+5 low-e 5+20A+5 coated 5+24A+5 5+24A+5 low-e 5+24A+5 coated 6+12A+6 6+16A+6 low-e 6+12A+6 coated 6+24A+6 6+24A+6 low-e 6+24A+6 coated 5+12A+5+12A+5 5+12A+5+12A+5 low-e Glass Type Laminated glass Maximum Size 2500*7800mm Thickness 3-19mm Total Thickness 6.38-80mm PVB 0.38-2.28mm (0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.14mm, 1.52mm ) Arch height< 50mm for curved laminated glass Regular Size 5+0.38pvb+5 tempered or not 5+0.76pvb+5 6+0.38pvb+6 tempered or not 6+0.76pvb+6 6+1.14pvb+6 tempered or not 8+0.76pvb+8 5+9A+5+9A+5 5+9A+5+9A+5 low-e 5+12A+5+12A+5 5+12A+5+12A+5 low-e 5+0.76pvb+5+9A+5 5+0.76pvb+5+9A+5 low-e 5+0.76pvb+5+12A+5 5+0.76pvb+5+12A+5 low-e 5+1.14pvb+5+9A+5 5+1.14pvb+5+9A+5 low-e 4+9A+4+9A+4 Glass Type Low-E glass Low-E Types On line Low-E Glass Off line Low-E Glass Double Silver Low-E Glass Curved Tempered Low-E Glass Maximum Size 2440*3660mm Minimum Size 300*700mm Thickness 3-19mm Popular Size 2134*3050mm 2440*3050mm 2134*3300mm 2440*3300mm 2134*3660mm 2440*3660mm Glass Type Online reflective coated glass Color Silvery grey, grey, blue grey, blue, lake blue, grayish green, Green, bluish green, golden, tawny, champagne, etc. Maximum Size 2440*7200mm Minimum Size 350*600mm Thickness 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15mm Packing Safe Plywood cases and interlayer paper between glass Lead Time On time delivery Whether u request one container or a bulk shipment,we also attaches great importance to the details in every order,do a good job in each shipment. Company introduction: Our company established since 2003.We earn a good branding in China and start exporting to many countries after 2005.Our leading products included tempered glasses, laminated glasses and low-e glasses.We have more than 13 year of exporting experience.We concentrate in details of our products.You should give us a chance to serve you, then you will understand why our client will work with us for many years and do not leave us. It mainly produces toughened glass, laminated glass, hollow glass and other glass products which are widely used in furniture, household appliances, elevators, building exterior wall decoration and other industries. FAQ Q:What kinds of glass can you provide?

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