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Dispersant RD-9616 Features and advantages: RD-9616 is a new block polymer general dispersant, containing more adsorption groups, can be used for grinding carbon black, organic pigments and inorganic pigments. Especially for grinding and dispersing carbon black with high surface area, it has a very excellent effect, strong wettability can greatly shorten the grinding time of color paste, and the viscosity reduction effect is outstanding. Product specifications: appearance Yellow to brown viscous liquid Nonvolatile component 99&plusmn;1% The proportion of 1.04g/cm3 Chroma (Gardner) < 10 Application areas: 1. Used for preparation of nano color paste and UV color paste; 2. Applied to thermoplastic (solid) or hydroxy acrylic system of automotive paint, plastic paint and other high-end industrial paint. 3. It is applied to the preparation of water-oil universal color paste; 4. Can also be used for UV screen printing, UV inkjet, alcohol ink ink system and high-end UV wood paint; Recommended dosage: Dispersant dosage (g) = [specific surface area of pigment (m2/g) &divide; 500] &times; weight of pigment (g) Types of paint Organic pigments High surface carbon black Inorganic pigments Dispersant dosage 7-15% 20-80% 0.5-2% Usage: dissolve RD-9616 in the mixture of grinding base material first, and then add pigment for grinding. Packing: 25KG/ drum. Storage: away from high temperature and fire; Place in a cool and ventilated place; Please seal after use; Shelf life is 36 months.

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