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Company product introductio The company has imported from Germany, the United States, Poland and other countries of the suppliers of raw materials to close exchanges and cooperation, in order to adapt to the changing market, the company has accumulated tens of thousands of car paint color, developed hundreds of masterbatch, on the performance of car paint palette and set up refined paint formulation system to provide a stable. Qingyuan Jiaxin Coating was established in 2009, we focus on the production and sale of automotive paint, industrial paint, alloy paint, advertising paint and so on. Our sales network covers more than 20 countries and has more than 1000 customers in China. We have established good business relations with renowned carmakers, shipbuilding and machinery manufacturers. Our products have been favored by customers at home and abroad for many years. Our advantage you choose us is the reason: 1. The price is reasonable, the quality is good 2. Very good packaging, better storage of products in your country; We have over 9 years of experience in support of your expertise; 3 The delivery time is fast, lets you obtain the product quickly after the order; 4. Reliable manufacturer, because our product quality exceeds 800 customer's approval. Contact information Our website: (We accept customer's own designs and OEM orders.)

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