The Best Organic Pigment Products

Pigments are an important part of powder coatings, and they play an important role in giving them brilliant colors. In powder coatings, organic pigments, inorganic pigments, fluorescent pigments, and pearlescent pigments are often used. Today, we will tell you What are the commonly used organic pigments in powder coatings. Organic pigments are more colorful than inorganic pigments and have higher tinting power and transparency. Most types of organic pigments do not contain heavy metals and belong to environmentally friendly pigments. The chromium-based inorganic pigments that have the advantage of use do contain heavy metals and are not suitable for powder coatings that require environmental protection. Therefore, the status of organic pigments in powder coatings is more important. The requirements for organic pigments in powder coatings are also relatively high. Hangzhou Emperor Chemical Co., Ltd. specializes in producing: Permanent Red F3RK, Permanent Red F5RK, Fast Red 2BP, Lisol Magenta 4BP, Permanent Yellow 2G, Permanent Yellow HR, Permanent Yellow HGR, Permanent Organic pigments such as orange yellow G, phthalocyanine blue BGS, phthalocyanine green G, and permanent violet RL. The first is that during the melt extrusion process or the baking and curing process, chemical reactions with components such as resins, curing agents, auxiliaries can not occur; the second is that it must have good temperature resistance to ensure the melt extrusion or baking and curing It does not change color with time; the third is to have good dispersibility and uniform dispersion in powder coatings; the fourth is to have excellent hiding power and tinting power, and the oil absorption of pigments is usually large, as long as it has excellent hiding power and tinting power The small amount of addition in powder coatings ensures the leveling and gloss of powder coatings. The organic pigments commonly used in powder coatings are as follows: 1. Fast Yellow G (Pigment Yellow 1) is a monoazo structure environmentally friendly pigment yellow with good dispersibility and temperature resistance. The low price also determines its general application in powder coatings, but the lightfast yellow G The light resistance is in the 6-7 level, it is not recommended for outdoor products. 2. Permanent Yellow GG (Pigment Yellow 17), also known as Permanent Yellow 2G, is a green phase organic pigment yellow with high tinting power, high saturation, good solvent resistance and migration resistance, but Permanent Yellow 2G Discoloration occurs when the temperature exceeds 200 ° C, so it is not suitable for powder coatings with a baking temperature exceeding 200 ° C. 3. Permanent yellow HR (Pigment Yellow 83) belongs to red organic pigment yellow. According to the application, this pigment is generally divided into three types in China. One is transparent permanent yellow HR, which is cheap, has poor temperature and light resistance (light resistance 6-7, temperature resistance 180 degrees), and is mainly used in inks. Product; another, translucent permanent yellow HR, temperature and light resistance are better than transparency (light resistance 7 grade, temperature 180-190 degrees); Hangzhou Enbaorui Chemical Co., Ltd. also produces a cover Guhuang HR02 is more expensive, but has excellent temperature and light resistance, and can be used for outdoor products (light resistance 7-8, temperature 220 degrees). 4. Pigment red 254, DPP red series, excellent pigment performance, temperature resistance of 300 degrees, light resistance level 8, can be used for relatively demanding outdoor powder coatings.

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