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Office Partition is a very important category in the Furniture industry. A good Office Partition can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Office Partition available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Office Partition are made from various kinds of features such as Style, Antique, Modern, Simple, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Style for example, you can find Antique Style, Modern Style and more.

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This is a flexible combination of partitioned office space, which promotes mutual connection and assistance of employees in a safe state, and also allows users to have a private working environment. T8 Union is not only a simple partition, it simply go stright light vitrually separate areas, colors can help to brightten the space, the top glass panel can make the vision more open. Partition with the thickness of 60mm can lower the production cost but also increase space. While more element is needed to suport daily work, add height container system can solve the problem. From private workspace to open space. Some storage element don't need their own place anymore, it can be combine with the other, or between it. Model Number T8 Dimension(mm) Width = 450 - 1200 Height = 450 - 1800 Accept customized Thickness = 60 Materials Frame: Aluminum profile Panel: fabric, Melamine, glass, white board, steel, tackable board Color Aluminum: UTOR-13(White-Powder coating) ,UTOR-05(anodized) Fabric: 44 colors optional Steel: UTOR-13(White-Powder coating) ,UTOR-05(anodized) Melamine : 14 colors optional Unit Volume(CBM) Please contact with our sales team for more details [ Design Inspiration For T8 Series ] Bench design allows communication when necessary and also provides individual space.High partition gives more privacy and offers supporting for overhead storage.Low partitionallows communication when necessary.It is mixing individual and group work.The combined spaces allow team members have balanced privacy.This team environment also encourages vistors and brief exchanges of information.Provide space visually and acoustically separated from team space to allow for concentration.And giveusers individual storage for a variety of materials. [ About US ] M&W is China's leading office furniture manufacturer. The past 30 years witnessed our focuses on the ability to producing high quality office, Included product development, project design, manufacture, installation, services all in one. Now, M&W is not only a producer, but also a thinker. On the road exploring modern trend office, M&W dedicated to manufacture cozy office space. To be the world brand respected by customers, let office sub-health free. [Brand Story] The company set sail on June 9, 1990, and has been established for nearly 32 years. With its own mold development technology, invested in the research and development of China's first office screen (968) in 1996. From then on, M&W started to work on office furniture and plastic hardware accessories.There are more challenges ahead and we will always do our best! On June 9,1990,the factory opened, with2 employees, specializing in the production and processing of molds. ln 1992,the factory was relocated, with 16employees, mainly engaged in moldprocessing and engraving. ln 1993, the factory was relocated, and anumber of mold design and mold manufacturing personnel were recruited,and the number of employees increasedto more than 40. ln 1996, with its own mold developmentand production technology advantages,the company invested funds to developthe first office screen, which is also thefirst office screen in China. Since then,M&W has emerged as a manufacturer ofoffice furniture and plastic hardware. ln 2003, the number of employeesincreased to more than 500, and the company transformed into: specializing inthe production and sales of office furniture and accessories. In 2004,the factory was relocated, thenumber of employees more than 600 people,the company put forward a newbusiness philosophy: to become the bestoffice furniture supplier in China.ln August of the same year, the company'squality department was officially established. ln 2005, the factory was relocated, and thequality department s

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