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acoustic panel production line A acoustic panel is a noise reducing material made of polyester fiber through hot pressing, which has sound absorption functions. Can create a quiet working and living space. The construction is simple and can be transformed into various shapes using woodworking tools. Polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels can meet the requirements of different sound absorption and noise reduction effects, and are widely used in the field of sound insulation materials and acoustic engineering. They have been recognized and praised by many well-known domestic acousticians, and are highly trusted and selected by mechanical and acoustic designer. Widely used in theaters, music halls, cinemas, recording rooms, studios, monitoring rooms, conference rooms, gyms, exhibition halls, dance halls, KTV private rooms, family film and television halls, factories, silent rooms, courts, lecture halls, interrogation rooms, etc. machine type acoustic panel production line working width 3800mm Warranty of Core Components 1 year after-sale service overseas installaton and guidance Dimension(L*W*H) customized main machines: Electronic Weighing Opening system bale opener: Suitable for opening and mixing of two or more fibers for pre-treatment system. Pre-opener: open and mix of single or multiple specifications of raw materials and inputs them to the next process through a cotton-feeding fan with strong magnets for impurity removal. Big cabin blender: Provides full mixing and storage for fibers after various initial openings to facilitate continuous production. Carding Machine: Suitable for carding fibers into a mesh. Cross lapper: lays the mesh uniformly and folds it crosswise to the desired width and thickness, then sends it to the next process. Feeding apparatus: Feeds the laid cotton mesh of different thicknesses uniformly into the pre-needling area. Needle loom: The needle board drives the needle up and down at high frequency, and the hook on the needle drives the fibers to intertwine with each other, forming a dense non-woven fabric. FAQ: F:Are you a factory or a foreign trade company ? A:We are the manufacturer of nonwoven machine with 30 years' experience. F:How can we reach your factory? A:Our factory is located in Changshu,Jiangsu province.2 hours' drive from Shanghai. F:If we buy the equipments and don't know how to install and operate them,what should we do? A:Our engineers will come to your factory for installation and training to ensure that your employees can operate the machines,we will guide your teams until you can produce the product on your own. F:I have some specific requirements about the equioments,can you realize them? A:Yes,most of our equipments are customized,so please don't hesitate to tell us what you need and we will do our best to meet your requirements. F:How long is the warranty period? A:12 months after the installation. Service: 01 warranty The warranty period shall be valid for 12 months after completion of the commissioning. During the warranty period, if any defect and fault is discovered, weicheng grants a prompt action to solve the problem. 02 Installation & maintenance weicheng will send one or two engineers to the Buyer's factory to help the Buyer to do the installation and commissioning of the line at the request of the Buyer. The Buyer should provide the allowance , round-trip air tickets, accommodation, workers and translator. The installation and commissioning will take around 1 month. About us: Changshu Weicheng Nonwoven Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest manufacturers of non-woven equipment in China. As a member of the Non-woven-cloth Special Committee of the Textile Academy of China, the company has passed

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