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Product Description Advertising CNC Router Brief introduction 1.Whole machine is welded with seamless steel lathe bed.the stability is excellent. not easy to deformed. to ensure the high precision. 2.Imported linear Taiwan brand guide rail, ball screw. self lubricating slide block, ,making each direction force equal . to ensure that the mechanical precision and strength. 3.Have the function of break-point memory,making it possible to go on working in accident (broken knife) or the next day. the break point memory 4.The domestic well known brand water -cooling spindle, HQD brand professional design for metal carving with constant power, ensuring carving strength on metal, aluminum or copper , also can work on wood,plastic etc ,with small noise ,big cutting strength .ensuring long time mass processing. 5.Well compatibility for CAD/CAM design software, like TYPE3/Artcam/Castmate/wentai and so on. 6.Widely used and economic .for advertising,,decoration, label production, wood mold, badge and embossing mold, cookies,chocolate and candy mold, PCB. crafts scale, building model,and so on Advertising CNC Router technical parameters Advertising CNC Router technical application 1.Can make cutting, carving processing to wood, plastic and marble etc. Also used in manufacture industry forcopper, iron and aluminium workpiece processing. 2.Artwork industry: Carving various characters and figures on gifts, furniture, wood articles, artworks and souvenirs. Matrix processing industry: Applied in carving of elaborate characters and patterns, processing of small matrix products. 3. Building model industry: Carving some elaborate small windows, fences, wall decoration patterns etc. 4.Seal industry: Carving various seals with cattle horn, plastic, wood and ink storage Advertising CNC Router details 1.Spindle motor Name: Spindle Brand: HQD Original: China, 1.5KW or 2.2KW or 3.5kw water cooling spindle. for different requirement are optional, cutting or engraving all enough,fast rotating speed,0-24000rpm/min Each spindle with extra collect for different size bits needing . We also supply professional metal carving spindle wih constant power, water and dust proof design, use high speed bearing ,pro-long service life , 2.Main Features Name: Control system Brand: Shanghai Nc STUDIO Original: China Domestic famous and professional system supplier,easy operation,insert on computer main box, Other optionsl: DSP A11s or MACH 3 ALL WITH CONTROL HANDLE 3.Machine Parts Name: Guide rail Brand: Taiwan Hiwin Original: Taiwan,China Adopts world brand famous square guide rail,bigger bearing, smooth transmission.high precision ,no deformation 4.Dust cloth and Omron limit Three axis with dust cloth,prevent dust/powder into machine body,ensure high precision working ,nice looking ,humanize design Each axis euip with Japan Omron limit,ensure CNC router safe running, avoid risk 5.3D Rotary optional 3D rotary are optional. which is suitable for 3d rotary statue carving ,like stone,wood crafts,portrait , This require machine with 4 axis system ,Pls consult me before ordering, we can suggest you suitable machine Standard accessories along with the machine Advertising CNC Router samples Our Services 1. Delivery and Lead time Machine will be proper packed and loaded in container, as multiple loaded to save space or wooden carton sealed for better transportation. Machine will be tidy and clean , with anti rusty oil brushed on mechanical parts to prevent rusty on sea transportation. A series pictures and videos will provided as machine finished for help customer understand the performance of the machine. 2.Warranty: Machine warranty is 12

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