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Liquid Level Sensor is a very important category in the Electrical & Electronics industry. A good Liquid Level Sensor can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Liquid Level Sensor available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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Holykell Submersible Fuel Oil Diesel Depth Borehole Hydrostatic Water Level Sensor Product Description HPT604 is a submersible water level sensor suitable for water or fuel level measurement in tanks, vessels and containers. It consists of an imported U.S.A MEAS TE silicone core element encased in all 316 stainless steel, hermetically sealed housing. Professional explosion-proof design make it suitable for fuel or water level measurement in tanks, vessels and containers. 5-10 years design life, the lifelong maintenance for your project escort! Water Level Measurement Fuel Level Measurement Why Choose HOLYKELL HPT604 Level Sensor Seires? 1. Benefit : Safty,worldwide application in explosive gases and vapours Advantage:"0" leak points and permanent sealing ,common international explosionproof standards Feature: The all-welded design,ATEX Explosion protection 2. Benefit :Special for throw in oil for 10 years ,ensures a long service life, even under the big mechanical loads of installation and continuous use Advantage:The customized cable has high oil resistance, flame retardant, wear resistance, uv resistance and other properties, and can withstand general mechanical external forces Feature:PUR cable Why Choose HOLYKELL HPT604 Water /Fuel Level Sensor Seires? 1. 5-10 years design life, the lifelong maintenance; Import diffusion silicon core body, &le;1 ms response time;Its service life is 2-3 times of similar products. 2. Adopt the mili tary printed-circuit board and wiring, with good electromagnetic compatibility;Anti-interference is enhanced by 300%, the stability is over 10 years. 3. The unique design of 8 hole and The unique filter design, it Can effectively filter out impurities, prevent blockage, prevent shock; Prevent plugging rate increases more than 80% 4. Automatic temperature compensation, -40 ~ 85, auto-correction temperature drift. 5. Five layers of seamless and waterproof dustproof connection design, international level IP68;12 mm waterproof and oil-proof cables, the service life is more than 10 years. 6.Filter cover can be filter <0.6mm impurities Overload above 20bar 7.Professional Explosion-Proof Design Application The HPT604 (Water/Fuel level sensor) can be found in diesel fuel tanks, gasoline tanks, DEF applications and other tanks measuring a variety of different liquids, and are highly praised by consumers. Lift station monitoring, Tank liquid level,Landfill leachate monitoring Construction by-pass pumping,Dewatering,Pump control,Slurry tank liquid level Wastewater,Fuel tank. Fuel tanker Level Measurement in Bio-Fuels Monitoring of Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Tanks Level Measurement in Ballast Tanks Level Measurement in Oil Tanks Monitoring of Contain Coolant for Diesel Engines Level Measurement in AdBlue Tanks Level Measurement in Kerosene Our Services Company Information Buying Guides In order to recommend you the most suitable products and make an accurate quotation,please provide the following information and send it to our sales when you are going to make an inquiry, thanks ! 1. What is your medium? Water ,Diesel, petrol or others. 2. Working Temperature? -30~80 3. Level range: 0-1m...500m optional 4. Output signal:4-20mA, 0-5V or others

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