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Liquid Analyzer is a very important category in the Instruments & Meters industry. A good Liquid Analyzer can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Liquid Analyzer available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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Product Description Abstract: The fourth generation of carbon silicon manganese analyzer in front of furnace with super function is newly launched (There are four major items: analysis of carbon, silicon and manganese in hot metal before furnace, automatic batching of hot metal material adjustment, analysis of spheroidization rate and spheroidization grade, and measurement of tensile strength and hardness) Detailed Photos Serial number Product name Unit Quantity Remarks 1 Carbon, silicon and manganese analyzer in front of the furnace set 1 main engine for carbon, silicon and manganese analysis 2 Sample cup holder and connecting line set 1 The connecting line is about 4 meters long 3 Mouse, keyboard, USB flash drive set 1 The instrument has a USB interface to support automatic data saving and replication 4 Fixed carbon cup set 1 square cup or round cup is optional 5 High temperature hot metal special sampling spoon set 1 The ceramic fiber material can be reused 6 High temperature hot metal special slag removal spoon set 1 The ceramic fiber material can be reused 7 Instruction book and Certificate of conformity set 1 Paper or electronic operating manual shipping list Product Parameters Installation Instructions Installation and use method 1. Use a 220v power supply with a grounded triangular plug socket, and confirm that the power socket is correctly connected and well grounded! 2. Avoid installing the instrument in an environment with a strong magnetic field or electric field. 3. A series of data such as the carbon, silicon and manganese content of the molten iron can be measured by the furnace worker by the way, by pouring a small scoop of molten iron into the pouring cup. Operation interface, functional features 1. Power on then turn on the power and press the power button once; 2. After startup, the system will automatically enter the interface of composition determination Interface description: The sample cup is installed on the supporting bracket of the instrument. The instrument displays the current indoor temperature. The furnace operator only needs to ladle a ladle of hot metal (about 1300 ºC is recommended) into the sample cup. The instrument starts automatic analysis, dynamically displays the analysis process curve in real time, and automatically saves the analysis results. According to the content of the results, it automatically calculates the amount of carburizer, ferrosilicon and scrap that need to be added. Test interface of carbon, silicon and manganese in front of furnace----Dynamic display of measurement process----Automatic calculation of batching adjustment Click----test item selection----conduct tensile strength and hardness test Click----test item selection----carry out spheroidization rate strengthening level test Company Profile ChangYouYi experimental analysis instrument is made in China Nanjing Changyouyi Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a famous research and development manufacturer of analytical instruments, a contract and trustworthy enterprise. The company integrates R&D, production, sales, training, maintenance, and technical consultation, and has gathered a group of high-tech senior professionals who have been engaged in analytical instruments for a long time. Incorporating domestic and foreign microcomputer and sensor technology, infrared technology and optics, machinery, inspection and other technologies, starting from the actual needs of customers, research and development of a series of high-speed analysis instruments and supporting testing equipment, such as: carbo