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Mian configuration(scissors type) ZFM-106SC:Pre-pile+feeder+sheet drawing+ powder removal mechanism+laminator+scissors type cutting+punching wheel+stacker High quality equipment must be configured with well-known brands to ensure the quality of Tiancen brand, in the electrical and other key parts of the configuration, we choose well-known brands OMRON, Schneider, Rexroth, Beck and other international brands. ZFM-106 Automatic scissors type vertical film laminating machine is suitable for water-based glue , oily glue , no adhesive film, thermal film, as one of the many models,Cutting by rotary knife cut, scissors type snap, actiong sensitive and reliable, ensure delivery stability. It is widely suitable for publicationg, handbags, and all kind of box printing surface processing. The film laminating quality is stable and firm. If you like our products ,Pls Contact me to get more videos, quotation and more information!! thx!!!

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