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Laboratory Thermostat is a very important category in the Instruments & Meters industry. A good Laboratory Thermostat can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Laboratory Thermostat available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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Microprocessor Laboratory Use Water Jacketed CO2 Incubator Thermostat for Cell Application: CO2 incubator is an advanced instrument for the incubation of cells, tissues and bacteria. It is widely used in the researches of microorganisms, medicines, agricultural science and pharmacology such as incubation of cells and tissues, study of AIDS, tumor and disease, multiplication of viruses, incubation of viruses, incubation of bacteria, genetic engineering, in vitro fertilization, cloning technology, microbiology, immunology, etc. Product Characteristics: Microcomputer-based smart controller(digital display or LCD display) having the functions for the control of temperature, CO2 gas gate, door temperature, water level, UV light and timing as well as alarming against excessive temperature, higher or lower water level, safety production, etc. CO2 gas inlet is fitted with a highly efficient filter for microorganisms with the filtering effectiveness reaching 99.99 for those grains in the diameter of not more than 0.3um, thus effectively filtering away the bacteria and dust grains as contained in CO2 gas (optional). The UV sterilization lamp is located on the back wall of the box, and is capable of performing sterilization in the box on regular basis. It can effectively kill the suspended bacteria in the circulated air and steam in the box, thus preventing contamination during cell incubation. The door of CO2 incubator can provide heating for the inner glass door, effectively preventing condensation of water on the glass door and preventing the possibility of microorganism contamination that may come from the condensed water on the glass door. Inner bladder of bacteria resistant stainless steel is adopted with the four corners rounded for cleaning, and space between the shelves are adjustable. The upgraded color touch screen smart temperature controller is have the functions above, it can display operation curve as well as the variation of the curves of temperature, humidity and CO2 thickness of the same time; It also has the function of alarming against abnormal conditions. The instrument can be fitted with RS-485 portal for connection with printer and computer to record variations of temperature parameters (optional). Technical Parameters: Model CHP-80 CHP-160 CHP-240 Volume 80L 160L 240L Control Mode Smart Control Temp. Range RT+5~60ºC Range of CO2 0~20% Accuracy of CO2 0.1% (Infrared sensor) Uniformity of CO2 It will be ±0.1% at 5%. (IR sensor) CO2 Alarm ±0.1ºC CO2 Recovery Time ≤Concentration value x1.2min Humidification Mode Natural Evaporation Environment Temp. +5~35ºC Power Supply 220V/50Hz Power 700W 1000W 1200W Inner Dimensions 440x480x790mm 530x480x1000mm 506x520x1150mm Overall Dimensions 600x720x1440mm 690x720x1650mm 666x760x1790mm Shelves 3 3 4 Our Service: