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King Machine hand sanitizer filling machine for sale Final Products Detergents & Corrosive Liquid. Suitable : detergent, shampoo, dishwasher, liquid soap, bleach, clorox, toilet cleaner .etc Bottle Material : PE PP Bottle Bottle Type : Round / Square / Unique Cap : Screw cap Label : Sticker Label Hand washing liquid filling line Hand washing liquid filling machine is a kind of washing filling machine, it is an advanced filling equipment for hand washing liquid and washing products based on the characteristics of the hand washing liquid with thick and slightly corrosive characteristics. Containers and Specifications Project Name: Full-automatic Viscous Liquid Filling Machine Oil and Fat Products / Daily Chemicals / Corrosive Liquid Bottle Material Bottle Shape Filling Range Capacity Filling level (mm) PET / PP / PE / Glass / Metal Round / Square / Unique Shape 200ml-30L As request Distance from bottle neck According request Filling Valve Each filling valve is controled by servo motor ,realizing segmented high-and low-speed control ; vacuum resorption devices without leakage. Cap closing method applicability for both crowning and capping, mechanical instant sealing or servo­controlled sealing Bottle components rapid replacement without tools, such as star wheels for bottle infeed and outfeed, and bottleneck clamps Filling precision limit deviation: ±2-3g standard deviation: 1.5 User Ambient Conditions Temperature:10~40ºC;Humidity:No dew User Electrical Supply Specification Voltage:380V±5%, 3phase; Frequency:50HZ±1% Features. 1. High degree of automation, easy operation, stable operation, can effectively save corporate costs and improve production efficiency. 2. Each single machine can complete its work independently. It has independent operating system and electrical components such as numerical control display to control and adjust various parameters and display settings. Can help companies achieve standardized production 3. The individual machines are linked and separated quickly, and the adjustment is fast and simple, so that each process of production can be coordinated. 4. Each single machine can adapt to the packaging of various specifications of bottles, with few adjustment parts. 5. This packaging production line adopts international new process design and meets GMP standards. 6.The production line runs smoothly, each function is easy to combine, and the maintenance is convenient. Various production combinations can be performed according to the user's respective product process requirements. 1 - Hand washing liquid filling machine. The filling machine is a special filling device for filling washing products such as laundry detergent, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and shampoo. It can be a bottle production line consisting of a single machine such as a bottle unscrambler, a capping machine, an aluminum foil sealing machine, and a sticker labeling machine! Commonly used oil filling valve. 1/Widely used in filling machinery.especially suitable for fining vis cous material. 2/Fast filling speed. precision and stability 3/Delicate and small. easy ror arrangement or pipe arrangement 4/Speclal seal design at the bottom of the filling nozzle, filling without dripping. 5/Chamfering structure on the bottom of filling head.with ofientati on effect and submersible filling. Special oll filltng machine - piston cylinder. As shown in the picture, a new cylinder liner in the pis ton bottom will be much more flexible than the unable disassembled and washed traditional cylinder, You can use touch screen to separate piston and cylinder liner, inorder to easier cleaning for residual materials. easy choose different mode f

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