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6 Axis Automatic Welding Robots with Solutions Product Description Robot welding is the use of mechanized programmable tools (robots) to fully automate the welding process by performing welding and processing parts. It does not require a human operator to prepare the materials to be welded. Robotic welding is commonly used for resistance spot welding and arc welding in high-volume applications, such as the automotive industry. The many advantages of robotic welding have proven to be a technology that can help many original equipment manufacturers improve accuracy, repeatability, and throughput. Features The HSR-JH605E welding robot adopts a hollow structure arm, which is light in weight and compact in structure. This can effectively eliminate the interference between the welding torch cable and the peripheral equipment, and it can be stable and reliable even when working in a small space. We have integrated a welding solution package specifically for the welding system. It includes various functions such as rapid process deployment of the welding machine, continuous arc welding, intelligent weaving welding, positioner linkage and anti-collision, remote appointment, and collision cancellation. Axis:6 Payload: 5kg Arm reach:1441mm Precision:±0.06mm Applications: arc welding, spraying, handling... Product Configuration 1.Robot -Robot body -Cabinet -Teaching pendent 2. Welder 3. Wire feeder 4. Welding gun 5. Gas -Mixed:80%AR+20%CO2 -Carbon dioxide:99.9% 6. Others -Positioner -Gun cleaning station -etc... Welding Process Package The welding process package is developed by us, it has multiple functions and a simple interface. You can switch between Chinese and English welding instructions, convenient operation and debugging, easy to use. Solutions In addition to powerful welding robot products, we also provides a complete set of welding solutions, including welding workstations, welding fixture design, positioners, dust removal systems, gun cleaning stations and other equipment, as well as customized system function development and technical support. Bumper: Car Seat: Silencer: Motorcycle Frame: Application Cases This welding robot has been widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, construction machinery, general machinery, agricultural machinery, hardware, furniture, medical and other industries. More Products We also have many other types of indudtrial robots for other application like Load, Pick and place, Move and so on. Contact us to know more. ... ... Contact us to know more!

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