What is Industrial Cooling System

Industrial Cooling System is a very important category in the Industrial Equipment & Components industry. A good Industrial Cooling System can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Industrial Cooling System available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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The Best Industrial Cooling System Products

Adaptable, Flexible Rooftop Solutions For Virtually Any Building HYC rooftop units offer superior indoor air quality, industry leading energy efficiency, hassle-free installation-everything you need for new construction or replacement projects. Inverter Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioning Unit Inverter rooftop packaged unit refers to the inverrter compressor.The most common types of compressors are the fixed speed compressor. The fixed speed will run at 100% of its capacity and will stop and start automatically to maintain the desired temperature. An inverter compressor will vary its speed in order to maintain a consistent temperature. They convert the AC power into DC to all the control of the outdoor unit compressor speed.This gives the unit better accuracy to provide a constant temperature and less energy wastage. Comparison with non-frequency conversion rooftop packaged unit: More comfortable With a wider range of temperatures modes for heating and cooling,the inverter is able to operate in even the most extreme outdoor temperatures.An inverter compressor can also operate faster than non-inverter air conditioners thus allowing the air conditioners to reach the set temperature faster and bring you comfort sooner. More Comfortable When the air conditioner is initially activated to either heat or cool,the compressor will operate at maximum speed to reach the desired temperature is achieved,unlike non-inverter air conditioners that turn the compressor on and off,inverter units adjust and constantly vary the compressor speed to maintain the desired temperature with minimal fluctuation to ensure that your comfort is not compromised. More Energy-efficient Compressor and motor speed in non-inverter type air conditioners remains constant and temperature is adjusted by turning the compressor and more ON and OFF,which consumes more energy.In inverter type air conditioners,temperature is adjusted by changing compressor frequency/motor speed without turning them ON and OFF.Therefor,the power loss of the inverter air conditioner is smaller,with can increase energy efficiency by about 35%. More Economics All inverter systems are engineered and manufactured,ensuring performance.reliability,and efficiency.The increased efficiency and operation of our inverter systems reduce the wear tear on the compressor,contributing to durability and longevity of the system. FEATURES COOLING CAPACITY Capacity ranging from 3Ton to 70Ton (8kW to 240kW) Cooling performance: -5~50ºC Heating performance: -20~24ºC INTEGRAL DESIGN AND EASY INSTALLATION The package rooftop has a integral design. It is supplied as a complete package ready for operation, with no extra controls or other items to be installed. The units have a single power point entry with simple connections. Quick start-up is assured once installation is completed, as each rooftop unit is manufactured in an ISO9001:2000 listed facility to guarantee quality. All units are tested at the factory to provide reliable start up. HIGHLY QUALITY COMPONENTS AND RELIABLE PERFORMANCE DC inverter type compressor and high quality world known brand cooling parts, which ensures units' reliable performance. STANDARD FEATURES • Easily accessible system components • Factory micro-programmed LED controller. • Heavy duty mounting chassis for the whole unit with lifting holes • BMS • Anti-vibration mounting compressor and centrifugal fan • Weather-proof, polyester epoxy powder electrostatic paint oven-baked finish for sheet metal and bas

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