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Industrial Water Chiller Air Cooled Chiller Water Cooled Screw Chiller 1. Eurostars water cooled commercial screw chiller brief introduction Water cooled dry type screw chillers are available with 1 or 2 independent cooling circuits depending on the cooling capacity. The well or cooling tower water cooled chillers are designed for indoor installation and are particularly suitable for medium size and large size air conditioning systems, where it is necessary to ensure excellent seasonal performance and low environmental impact, such as supermarkets, office buildings, starred hotels, etc. Water cooled screw chiller can be partial heat recovery or total heat recovery, it both supplys chilled water and hot water, hot water temp. can reach above 50ºC, and improve the cooling efficiency. 2. Eurostars water cooled commercial screw chiller main components (1)Compressor *The screw compressors are of two-shaft rotary displacement design with the latest and advanced 5:6 patented screw rotors to improve work efficiency. *Screw compressors have few parts, no wearing parts, stable and reliable operation, long life. *Rod-type compressors have a volumetric design with a small clearance volume, small friction losses, and high operating efficiency. *The refrigerant circuit and control circuit are completely independent ,can be used alternately according to loading condition, which can effectively extend the service life. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, low vibration, wear resistance and high reliability. (2)Condenser *Shell and tube condenser, with copper tubes optimizes efficient heat exchange between the chiller and cooling tower. *The cover plates at both ends are removable, can be removed to clean the copper tube, effectively ensure the safe operation of the system. The condenser has passed the national pressure vessel inspection. (3)Evaporator *Shell and tube type evaporator is equipped with refrigerant shunting device, which can evenly distribute the refrigerant to each heat exchange tube, improve heat exchange efficiency. *The exterior of the evaporator is affixed with thermal insulation material to avoid the loss of cooling capacity. (4)Thermal Expansion Valve *Adopts the world-renowned branded thermal expansion valve for higher control accuracy, wider adjustment range and faster response. *Under any working conditions, the heat exchange area of the evaporator can be fully utilized, the heat exchange is more sufficient, and the efficiency is higher, which can ensure the reliability of the refrigeration system. (5)Intellectualized Controller *Adopt micro computer touch screen control, can operate via centralized manage system; The system can monitor the water temperature, capacity status while running. The water temperature can be controlled according to the water outlet temperature. Trouble shooting code may display on the touch screen automatically when the system is abnormal. *Whole system can realize remote operation. 3. Eurostars water cooled screw chiller features (1)Proven compressor design Hanbell is the world's famous manufacturer of semi-hermetic screw chiller compressors, with demonstrated performance over decades of operation and reliability enhancing engineering features high efficiency screw rotors, motor, long life bearings, double-walled rotor housing, direct flange on oil separator, and precise capacity control. (2)Adaptive controller algorithms All Eurostars chillers produced today utilize industry leading control strategies that respond to a variety of conditions to maintain efficient chiller plant operation. These control strategies effectively direct the operation of the chiller, maximizing both performance and reliability by optim

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