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SHENXI Sereis Building Hoists are for people and material upright transport. Please trust us. Shenxi is a good option. Why Shenxi building hoist is better? Feature of SC Series Construction Hoist 1. Three motor drive mode. Make smooth operation and reduce the probability of falling accidents caused by gear tooth fracture. 2. Our construction hoist is equipped with a variety of protection devices. a. Fall arrest device b. Overload device c. Limit Switch d. Reliable electromechanical interlocking device for doors. 3. Reliable electrical control system. a.Simple and clear electrical control circuit b. 36V safety voltage control. c. operation and installation interlocking function 4. Light l weight without compromising strength, rigidity and stability. 5. Electric crane for install the mast section 6. The cage is widened by 200mm, making the clear width inside the cage reach 1.48m. This allows two trolleys to be loosely placed side by side in the cage, thereby improving the vertical transportation efficiency. 7. To further enlarge the effective space of the cage, the drive unit is mounted on the cage top. This also greatly reduces mechanical vibrations in the cage, creating a spacious and comfortable work environment for workers. International Certification: Shenxi Machinery, due to the high quality of our lifting devices and the commitment of our employees, we have managed to obtain various certificates that can assure customers that they are cooperating with leading manufacturers in the industry. Below, we can see the ISO quality system certification, CE, EAC products' international certification; SGS, BV, TUV and other third-party international institutions auditing and certification of our company; Customs Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification, which helps move your freight delivers priority customs clearance treatment, faster, more efficient shipments, as well as enhanced security. These certificates can provide excellent performance and most importantly safety for operators and materials.

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