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Product Description Detailed Photos Multiple Supply Power Type IGBT/MOSFET medium and high frequency power Power: 50KW-2000KW ; Frequency : 200HZ-100KHZ IKGPS medium frequency power Power: 50KW-6000KW ; Frequency : 200HZ-8000HZ Mechanical structure Automatic upender device, automatic step loader device Servo, stepper, constant speed feeding mechanism;Stall detection device;Rapid discharge device Various types of cleanup device Intelligent control system Man-machine dialog real time, digital setting Temperature automatic closed-loop control system; Energy monitoring system Measurable and traceable technology and process Remote management, control and troubleshooting Descaling device,Various transmission devices Application:forging blank heating, parts hardening,tempering Product Parameters Model NO. 1000KW Induction Heating Machine Type Electric Holding Furnace Usage Steel Melting Product Name Induction Heating Machine Voltage 380V Unit of power 1000KW Machine Heating machine Brand Hengrui Transport Package Plywood Specification international standard Trademark Hengrui Origin China HS Code 8514400090 Production Capacity 2000/year Certifications Packaging & Shipping Installation Instructions The buyer can compose the treatment line flexibly due to different demands. (1) Determine the diameter of the rod to select the position of heating furnace body, this induction furnace design adopts dual holes type furnace body(Ф30~Ф45,Ф45~Ф60), move the induction furnace radially is OK. (2) Put the steel rod need heating to expected on the loading material platform(can load 3ton to 5ton)neatly. (3) All programs are controlled by the PLC programming, the whole control system can be divided into manual and automatic, convenient to different rod material, different process requirements of programming and debugging. (4) Induction heating section is composed of low temperature section, medium temperature section, high temperature section, after using infrared thermometer to measure rod material temperature and setting temperature calculation, to control output power of high temperature zone power supply, to ensure that the outlet temperature in constant state. (5) The operation of complete set of device is controlled by programme, workers just need put the steel rod need heating to expected on the loading material platform, rod material out of the furnace disposed by the users themselves Company Profile OKLY have been dedicated to customization service for twenty years. With experienced professional engineers and technicians team, we are specializing in custom made premium quality and high precision non-standard parts and equipment in machinery industry, communications industry, Civil Aviation industry, Medical equipment, energy industry and auto parts industry etc. Meanwhile, our customizing service covered all common and special materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium alloy, copper, iron, aluminum, plastic wooden etc. Our engineers are skilled at operating 2D & 3D software. We are able to deliver your drawings and requirements into precise parts. As an ISO and SGS certified ODM/OEM manufacturer, OKLY have a sheet metal fabrication plant of upper grade laser cutting, bending, forming, stamping, welding machines, and a CNC machining plant of high-end Horizontal/vertical CNC centers of 5/4/3 axis to meet all your custom made demands, plus a well trained QA team are enable tolerance within ± 0.005mm and to ensure your perfect components! Under the guidance of Four-H (High Efficiency, High Performance, High Accuracy, High standard), we could be your precise custom made parts manufacturer, be your reliable one-stop

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