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Heat Transfer Label Automatic Screen Printing Equipment Machine Description: The Heat Transfer Label Roll to Roll Screen Printing Equipment is designed to print on film material in roll, such as PET, PVC, PE, PV, PP film. This screen printing equipment is composed of a feeder, a printing unit and a hot air dryer. The feeder has dust removal rollers, it is able to alarm when the roll material run out. The printing unit table has vaccum to fix PET film in position to ensure printing accuracy. It is equipped with three photocell sensors for automatic registration. The hot air dryer has 30M, 60M and 80M length pass for option. It is able to cool and wind cured film into a roll after being dried. High level of automation, only one people can operator the the whole printing line. High printing accuracy, multi color overprint can be done on the machine. High productivity, production capacity equal to six sets of semi-automatic screen printing machine. Application: RFID, heat transfer label, labels and stickers, membrane switches, graphic overlay, IMD, IML, FPC, ceramic decals, motorcycle helmet decals, nameplate and non-woven fabrics, etc. Machine Parameters: Machine Photos: Heat Transfer Label Printing equipment includes a feeder, a screen printing unit and a hot air dryer. Vacuum table: fix the PET film during printing process. Automatic register system for screen alignment. feeder: dust removing, protect film removing, electrostatic eliminating,etc. inspection station: Timely inspection of printing quality to avoid waste. Print Head: Good stability, ensure long time use of the machine. Rewinding Shaft: After printing, through the tunnel oven drying, automatic rewinding at last. Printed Samples: enterprise honor: Workshop: Exhibition: Our Team and Customers: Machine Package: Heat Transfer Label Printing equipment is packed in wooden box for delivery by container.

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