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Heat Pump is a very important category in the Electrical & Electronics industry. A good Heat Pump can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Heat Pump available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Heat Pump are made from various kinds of features such as Working Medium, Freon, CO2, 134A, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Working Medium for example, you can find Freon Working Medium, CO2 Working Medium and more.

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Product Description LOW GWP R290 REFRIGERANT To reduce carbon emissions to the environment and curb global warming, Power World has developed an R290 Full DC Inverter Heat Pump. Compared to R410A refrigerant with a GWP of 2100 and R32 with a GWP of 675, R290 has a GWP of less than 20 and is recognized by the industry as the most development potential and eco-friendly refrigerant. MULTIFUNCTIONAL HEAT PUMP The perfect performance of the R290 FULL DC INVERTER Heat Pump can meet the user's needs of house heating, cooling and domestic hot water throughout the year ( by 3-way valve): *Domestic Hot Water Only *Cooling Only *Heating Only *Heating+ DHW (Priority) *Cooling+ DHW (Priority) STABLE AND RELIABLE OPERATE AT -25ºC Under low ambient temperature, the performance, heating ability and operational stability of normal heat pumps will be limited. Power World's R290 FULL DC INVERTER heat pump can operate stably and efficiently in extremely cold regions of -25ºC without EVI technology, maintaining a high COP and outputting 75ºC hot water to ensure the heating and cooling of the house need. Reliable operation in extreme temperatures of -25°C, Powerful heating can output 75°C hot water FULL INVERTER TECHNOLOGY The Full DC inverter technology makes the unit can intelligently adjust the operating frequency and control the water temperature to keep the room at a constant-temps. It can save up to 50% energy electricity compared to ON-OFF units and up to 75% energy compared to traditional boiler electric heat pumps. DC Inverter Panasonic Compressor, Stepless DC Inverter Fan Motor, DC Inverter Water Circulation Water Pump LCD CONTROL PANEL AND WI-FI APP 5-Inches large LCD touch screen control panel and "Smart Life" Wi-Fi App support local language +English options. This user-friendly design reduces users' foreign language dyslexia, and also facilitates distributors to expand their market locally. FOUR OPERATING MODES SAVE YOUR ENERGY Based on the different needs of users, Power World has developed 4 operating modes: Powerful Mode, Smart Mode, Silent Mode, Vacation Mode. Users can choose modes with different operating frequencies according to actual needs, which help users save a lot of electricity bills. HIGHER EFFICIENCY A+++ R290 FULL DC INVERTER Heat Pump has passed the ERP A+++ energy class test of TUV. Its energy efficiency grade can not only reach A+++ at 35°C, but also A+++ at 55°C. In addition, its SCOP can be as high as 4.86, which ensures the perfect performance and ultra-high energy efficiency of the unit. SUPER SILENT OPERATION The unit uses a special three-layer sound insulation cotton, combined with Power World's multiple noise reduction technology, so that the unit can run smoothly and quietly without mechanical noise. IoT Platfrom Power World's IoT cloud management platform can be connected with Wi-Fi or DUT to realize remote monitoring of data. This platform can record all the operating parameters of the units from Power World. If the unit has an error, the error report will be synchronized to the local service provider or PW's background, and then we will quickly provide users with the best solution, which greatly saves the after-sales communication cost and time costs of users, dealers, and manufacturers. Product Parameters Model PW030-DKZLRS-D/S PW040-DKZLRS-D/S PW050-DKZLRS-D/S PW040-DKZLRS-D PW050-DKZLRS-D PW060-DKZLRS-D Heating Condition - Ambient Temp.(DB/WB): 7/6ºC,Water Temp.(In/Out):30/35ºC Heating Capacity Range (kW) 3.2~9.0 4.2~11.8 5.6~16.0 4.2~11.8 5.6~16.0 7.7~22.0 Heating Power Input Range(kW) 0.68~2.18 0.88~2.83 1.16~3.80 0.88~2.83 1.16~3.80 1.58~5.23 COP Range 4.13~4.71 4.17~4.75 4
ERP a+++ R290 Evi New Energy Full Inverter Heat Pump

ERP a+++ R290 Evi New Energy Full Inverter Heat Pump

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