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Continuous Emission Monitoring System CEMS for Nox, So2, Co, O2 UV Gas Analyzer The analyzer based on UV absorption spectroscopy and chemometric algorithms to measure SO2, NOx, O2, NH3, Cl2, O3, H2S and other gases concentration, with high accuracy, high reliability, fast response time, wide application and other characteristics, the indicators have reached or exceeded similar products, it can be widely used in environmental online monitoring, industrial control, security monitoring and other occasions. >>>Key Features Full spectrum measurement and DOAS (Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy) algorithm, excelling in accuracy, repeatability and anti-interference with moisture, dust. Modular design and no moving parts, higher reliability and easier maintenance. Pulse Xenon Lamp used as light source with over 10-year lifetime. The adoption of diode array sensor enables instant spectrum acquisition and rapid response. >>> Features and Benefits 1. Analyzer uses the following optical technology platform to get the UV absorption spectrum, the technology platform consists of light source, gas chamber, fiber optics and spectroscopy (including the diaphragm, holographic gratings, linear array detector) and other optical components. 2. UV-visible light emitted by the optical window into the gas chamber, is absorbed by the sample gas flowing through the measured gas chamber, carrying the tested sample gas absorbs light through the lens after gathering information coupled into optical fiber through the optical fiber transmission into the spectrometer splitting, sampling, to obtain the absorption spectrum of the gas. 3. Use DOAS technology spectrum analysis, can analyze the concentration of the gas in the relevant component. >>> Measuring principle 1) The light source emits ultraviolet beam which transfers to gas cell through optical fiber. 2) After absorption by measuring gas, the light beam transfers through optical fiber to spectrometer. 3) Being dispersed through the grating, and converted into electric signal by the array sensor, a continuous absorption spectrum of measuring gas is thereafter obtained. >>>Technology Comparison Item UV Hot-Wet Method NDIR Spectral Range Complete and continuous absorption spectra obtained through holographic grating and diode array detection Non Dispersive, characteristic absorption spectra obtained through band-pass filter Linear Response High wavelength resolution secures linear response band-pass filtration compromises linear response SO2 Loss Hot-wet prohibits SO2 dissolution Condensation inevitably causes SO2 loss Sampling System Heat tracing. Requests only dust filtration, simple and no corrosive Cold-dry. Requests dust filtration, condensation, water removal and corrosion proof Zero Calibration Period Long (DOAS algorithm) Short Anti-Interference The combination of complete & continuous absorption spectra, high wavelength resolution, DAOS algorithm erases interference from dust, moisture and background gases Vulnerable to moisture interference Gas Cell Connected by optical fiber, easy to replace and low maintenance cost Complex to replace and maintenance Maintenance Reliability No moving parts Moving parts existed >>>Technical Specifications SO2, NOx Analyzer Technical Principle UV-DOAS Installation type Hot-wet Extractive Measurement Range 0~200ppm, 0~1000ppm, 0~3000ppm Zero Drift ≤ ±2%F.S. Span Drift ≤ ±2%F.S. Accuracy ≤ ±1% Response Time(T90) ≤ 60s Linearity ≤ ±1%F.S. O2 Analyzer Technical Principle Zirconia/Electrochemical Measurement Range 0~25% Response Time(T90) ≤ 60s L

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