What is Functional Textile

Functional Textile is a very important category in the Textile industry. A good Functional Textile can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Functional Textile available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

How to source & buy Functional Textile

At made-in-china.com, Functional Textile are made from various kinds of features such as Material, 100% Polyester, Polyester / Cotton, 100% Cotton, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Material for example, you can find 100% Polyester Material, Polyester / Cotton Material and more.

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The Best Functional Textile Products

Certifications Company Profile Wuhan Tianhongrui Trading Co., Ltd. is a special cloth manufacturer which is located in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. The company is committed to researching, developing, producing special protective fabrics and clothes. Now,it has own printing, dyeing special processing workshop, including two dyeing production line, a special processing production line, as well as a variety Of detergent, drying machine and high temperature pressure dyeing machine. In addition, it also have advanced, complete testing center, which guarantee the quality of the product powerfully.The company makes efforts to develop special functional textiles. The main products include a variety of functional protective fabric: Flame Retardant, Anti-static, Anti-acid, Anti Radiation, Anti Oil And Water Repellent, Anti UV, three (PTFE), Waterproof, Anti Rinkle, waterproof breathable composite fabric, and cotton, polyester Cotton, blended dyeing fabric.Our functional fabrics have been detected by the national and international textile testing agencies, all kinds of product parameters are higher than domestic standards which even reached the international standard. The company has independent import and export right, products are exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia and other more than 30 countries and regions, favored by customers at home and abroad. We are in the spirit of "Honesty, Customer First" principle, be in good faith to provide reliable quality, excellent performance of protective fabrics and clothes for customers. Let's work together to safeguard human health and safety. Workshop & warehouse Exhibition Our Advantages Company Main Products . Flame Retardant Fabric . Acid-Alkali Resistant Fabric . Anti-Static Fabric . Oil and Water Repellent Fabric . Anti-UV Fabric . Anti-Bacteria & Anti-Odor Finishing Fabric . Teflon Fabric . Multifunctional Flame Retardant Fabric . Flame Retardant Clothing and Workwear Flame Retardant Fabric Cotton flame retardant fabric is on the basis of cotton dyed fabric treated with flame retardant process. It contains flame retardant cotton plain cloth, flame retardant cotton yarn card, flame retardant cotton satin drill and flame retardant cotton canvas. There are three kinds of treatment methods. CP, PROBAN, PYROAVTEX. Nowsays, CP and PROBAN are the most popular methods in the globe. Flame Retardant Fabric Test EN11611(EN470-1): The latest European standard welding standard, take the place of EN470 standard. EN11612(EN531): Under the environment of high temperature, operation workers flame retardant protective clothing standard. EN14116(EN533): Tooling protective clothing - related fabrics and composite - insulation, or - short spreading combustion performance testing. FR Cotton Series Cotton Flame Retardant Twil Fabric Cotton Flame Retardant Sateen Fabric Cotton Flame Retardant Plain Fabric Cotton Flame Retardant Canvas Fabric Cotton Flame Retardant Denim Fabric Industry Use Products are widely used in Petroleum and Chemical, Metallurgical, Coal, Forestry, Traffic, Civil, Defense and other industries. Feature Due to the Permanent flame retardancy, Cotton flame retardant fabric have broadly application prospect. It is understood that the scope of application of cotton flame retardant fabric is very wide, in addition to industrial textiles, building decoration, interior decoration and other traffic tools play an irreplaceable role in the field of protective clothing, also played a role of flame retardant protective clothing,flame retardant fabric clothes have excellent washing performance, non-toxic to human body. Safe and reliable, breathable, soft, comf

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