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Freezer & Refrigerator Parts is a very important category in the Consumer Electronics industry. A good Freezer & Refrigerator Parts can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Freezer & Refrigerator Parts available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Freezer & Refrigerator Parts are made from various kinds of features such as Parts, Evaporator, Condenser, Compressor, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Parts for example, you can find Evaporator Parts, Condenser Parts and more.

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Product Description M/HBP-R404A(220V-240V~50HZ) OE AC Refrigeration Compressor Adopting high-quality components, SIKELAN refrigeration compressors are always environmental friendly, high efficient, and widely praised by customers in the refrigeration industry due to its low noise, high performance, and long service life. Features: 1. Low Noise: - There are two welding methods for the compressor casing: flange butt welding or insert welding. The thickness, shape, and internal cavity size of the shell have a significant impact on noise. - There are two fixing methods for the movement: suspension spring type and seat spring type, with the seat spring compressor having less noise and vibration. 2. High Performance: - Equipped with professional valve components. The valve group is the heart of the compressor and plays a significant role in the performance of the compressor. 3. Long Service Life: - The crankshaft and connecting rod have good performance and are resistant to friction. 4. High Efficiency & Eco-friendly: - As the power in a hermetic compressor, an electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, driving the piston to compress refrigerant vapor, enabling the refrigerant to circulate in the refrigeration system and achieve the purpose of refrigeration Widely used for a variety of commercial/domestic freezers and refrigerators, like supermarket islands, coolers, merchandisers, kitchen freezers, etc. Product Parameters Compressor Technical Data: R404A M/HBP 220-240V~50HZ OE Serial Model HP V/Hz Displacement (cm3) Cooling Capacity ASHRAE Motor type Starting Device Starting capacitor (uF) Running capacitor (uF) Cooling Certificate -15ºC(5F) -10ºC(10F) -5ºC(23F) 0ºC(32F) Test Conditions: 7.2ºC(45F) W Btu/h W Btu/h W Btu/h W Btu/h Capacity (W) Capacity (Btu/h) lnput Power(W) Current (A) COP (W/W) EER (Btu/Wh) MD GQR12K G 1/2+ 220-240V/50Hz 12.1 833 2839 862 2938 1080 3681 1327 4522 1895 6466 861 4.15 2.20 7.51 CSR Heavy Hammer Current Starting Relay 80 10 F CCC GQR14K G 1/2+ 14.3 995 3391 1030 3510 1290 4397 1585 5402 2180 7438 991 5.2 2.20 7.51 CSR 80 16 F CCC GQR16K G 3/4 16.2 1033 3524 1068 3644 1353 4616 1676 5718 2390 8155 1086 6.4 2.20 7.51 CSR 80 16 F CCC → More Compressor Please Click to Contact Us! Company Profile Certifications With abundant technique force,we have our own researching, developing, manufacturing, inspecting and testingcenters, and imported the international advanced high-tech equipments. Our company has passed the ISO9001,ISO14001,OHS18001 international management system certificates. The products have got UL,ETL,CE,CB,and CCC certificates. Our products are not only selling strongly in more than 30 provincesand municipality,but also largely exporting to Europe,America,Australia,Middle East, Africa and South Asia. We have won an excellent reputation from the customers and friends by our product quality,price versus performance ratio and service. FAQ Q1: Are you a manufacturer or trader? A1: Zhejiang Maidi Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. is a Hi-tech enterprise. We own the standard plant and office building which covering 21, 000 square meters. With abundant technique force, we have our own researching, developing, manufacturing, inspecting and testing centers, and imported the international advanced equipments. Q2: How to match sikelan compressor to refrigeration? A2: We have a professional team of engineers who provide technical support and online guidance on product installation and replacement. Q3: How do you ensure quality? A3: We have a dedicated product research and test

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