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Product Description Water Fountain The massive scale of water fountain boasts spectacular scenes and you can see the assemble performance above the sea, lake and river. When thousands of lights, hundreds of pumps and spraying water of tens of meters high come together, every audience will be shocked by the huge energy filed. If laser show, water curtain movies and other projects are added in the list, audiences will immerse themselves in the show. Dalisi will provide one-stop service from water feature design to installation, commissioning and after-sales. Please give us a chance, we will give you a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Detailed Photos Case Show Samarkand large-scale Water Dancing Show China Lan River large-scale water dancing show Ziya River Large Floating Music Fountain in Tianjin Water dance show in 5A-level Russian Matryoshka Company Profile Beijing Dalisi Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. is a fountain company dedicated to the design, production, construction and performance of musical fountains. Founded in 2002, the company has successfully designed and built more than 100 fountain projects, including large-scale fountain projects such as water shows, musical fountains, water curtain movies, and event opening and closing ceremonies fountain performances. The company has a number of invention and design patents, and has won many national awards. Among them, the self-developed high-tech fountain products such as fire fountain, air explosion fountain and swing fountain have won unanimous praise from customers. The company is based in Beijing of China and serves the world. The company has a professional fountain technical team. Through 21 years of continuous accumulation and development, in the field of fountains, whether it is square fountains, lake fountains, light fountains, floating fountains, pool fountains, landmark fountains, amusement park fountains and other characteristic fountains, all has rich experience in fountain projects. What we want to do is not only a beautiful musical fountain, but also a contemporary art that combines water with music, dance and technology. Top-level and tailored design Dalisi offers you the exclusive design Fountain Design Excellent fountain engineering design is the result of comprehensive consideration of various realistic factors such as water, lighting, electricity, cost, dance, and music, and is the basis for building a fountain. Our company has a professional fountain design team, including water and electricity designers, lighting designers, animation designers, art directors, etc., and is committed to creating professional fountain designs for customers. Fountain Equipment Excellent fountain equipment is the decisive factor to determine whether a fountain performance is wonderful or not, and it is also the ultimate carrier of technology and art display. Our company has many national invention patents and a first-rate mechanical engineering team, which keep to escort every engineering project. Fountain Construction A professional fountain construction team must have the ability to solve all the problems encountered in the fountain installation process, which is the core force to ensure the completion of the fountain project. Our company has been engaged in fountain construction for 21 years, and has a world-class professional fountain technical team to provide professional technical services for each customer. Fountain After-sales After-sales of fountains is an important factor restricting the development of international engineering projects. Our company has an advanced engineering after-sales system. First, when the fountain project is delivered, our technicians will train the fountain site op

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