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Auto Color Registration 2/4/6/8 Color Paper/BOPP/HDPE/OPP Satellite/CI Type Flexo/Flexographic Printing Machine/Printer with Non-Stop Winder Feature: 1.Stick the plate registration after boot, no need to register, improve the rate of finished products, reduce waste. 2. For the first plate installation, electric positioning fast plate registration system is adopted to complete vertical and horizontal plate registration within 2 minutes. 3. The maximum printing speed can reacstrong 150m/min, registration accuracy +-0.15mm, overprinting accuracy will not change in the process of lifting. 4. When the machine stops, the material tension is controlled by constant tension, and the material will not run off the offset. 5. The whole machine production line can realize continuous production without shutdown from discharging to finished product rewinding, and maximize production efficiency. 6. The machine has the features of precise structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance and high degree of automation. Only one operation is needed. Detailed Parameters:

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