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Any query welcome to contact with us freely. Ms.WendyPan Video: A. Product Specification: 1. The machine take the HDPE or LDPE as raw material, through heating, extrusion, blowing, stretch, winder and final be roll thin film. 2. The finished plastic thin film is widely used for supermarket bag, garbage bag, various plastic package bag, farmland film. Cote film and compound thin film. 3. Put more recycling material to save the cost. B. Technology Parameter: C. PICTURES FOR REFERENCE: 1. Extruder Unit 2. Traction Unit 3. Winder Unit D.HOIN WORKSHOP E.MORE PRODUCTS F. After service of HOIN 1. How long will your engineer reach to our factory? Within one week after machine arrival at your factory. 2. How many days will you finish installing? We will finish installation and training within 15days. 3. What should we charge for your engineer? You should charge for the cost of our engineer's visa, air tickets, hotel, food, and also their salary 100USD per day per person. 4. How long of your machine's warranty period? All our machines have one year guarantee after finishing installation under normal operation. 5. How could we do after one year warranty period? We also can offer you our best after service, of course you will afford our technician's cost. 6. How could we do if the parts broken within of after warranty? We will express the free replacement parts during the warranty date and also send you parts needed by value after warranty. 7. Does your engineer understand English? Our engineers understand a little English. All of our engineers have rich experience for installing machines over seven years. In addition, they also can communicate with you using their body language vividly. 8. Can you find us any engineer in our location? Of course, we will check and inform you as soon as possible.

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