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Feed Additives is a very important category in the Agriculture & Food industry. A good Feed Additives can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Feed Additives available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Feed Additives are made from various kinds of features such as Function, Amino Acid Additives, Vitamin Additives, Bacteriostasis Growth Promoter, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Function for example, you can find Amino Acid Additives Function, Vitamin Additives Function and more.

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Product Name Egg Production Enhancer Brand Gangluhuinong Grade Animal Feed Grade Manufacture Yes Efficacy Improves eggshell quality and increases egg weight, Extends the peak egg-laying period Sample Yes Apply for Various breeds of poultry, egg-laying poultry GMP Yes Packing 500g/100g/OEM available MOQ 100kg "Free of compatibility contraindications, safe and efficient, without antibiotics and any prohibited ingredients" [Main Ingredients] Glucose oxidase, corn starch, motherwort powder, plant fiber, etc. [Productive Performance after Poultry Use] 1.High Egg Production: After 10-15 days of use, egg weight increases by 2%, egg rate improves by 2%, and the peak egg production period extends by around 30 days. The culling of poultry is delayed by about a month. 2.Quality Egg Production: After 10 days of use, eggs have a glossy shell, and issues like sandpaper eggs, thin-shelled eggs, and deformed eggs decrease. The egg white becomes thick and non-fishy, and the egg yolk color deepens, improving the hatchability of breeding poultry. 3.Strong Physiology: Poultry exhibit red combs, shiny feathers, and a good mental state. Even at the time of culling, feathers remain full and glossy, with a weight gain of 50-100g. 4.Cost Reduction: Feed consumption increases after 3 days, and after 5 days, the feces become fine. After 30 days, each mature chicken saves 3-5g of feed. Used throughout, saving medication costs by 1-2 yuan per bird. [Product Efficacy] 1.Increase egg production rate, extend the peak egg production period, increase egg weight, improve eggshell quality, reduce egg breakage, and increase the number of qualified breeding eggs. 2.Eliminate the living environment of intestinal pathogens, maintain intestinal flora balance, enhance immunity, provide anaerobic conditions in the intestine, promote intestinal health. 3.Protect the integrity of the intestinal epithelium, inhibit the invasion of coccidia and pathogenic bacteria, possess antioxidant functions, effectively eliminate various "free radicals" in the bodies of livestock and poultry. 4.Improve the acidity of the gastrointestinal tract, promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients, activate the activity of various digestive enzymes, enhance intestinal digestion function, and improve feed conversion rate. 5.Inhibit various molds, prevent and alleviate mycotoxin poisoning, have a good preventive effect on aflatoxin B1 poisoning, and protect liver function. [Usage and Dosage] Mixing method: Use 500g of this product mixed with 250kg of feed. Q: Are you a manufacturer? A: Yes, we have established our own factory since 2002, with the latest GMP certification, independent R&D center, and advanced production equipment. The group has been listed as a reputable brand by CCTV. We can strictly control product quality to ensure you can buy high-quality, cost-effective products. Q: What products can you provide? A: We have multiple production lines for powders, injections, premixes, oral liquids, and biological additives, we are leaders in the production of veterinary drugs, animal feed, feed additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials. Our diverse range of products includes offerings for pets, poultry, cattle, sheep, pigs, and aquatic species. Q: Do you test all your goods before delivery? A: Yes, we conduct 100% testing before delivery to ensure that each batch of veterinary drugs undergoes strict quality testing, and if you require, we warmly welcome third-party testing with international authorization for our products. Q: Can we have the sample? A: Of course, you can place a sample order first to test the company's quality and service. For some products, we can provide free samples. Q: What is the

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