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my friend,Welcome to Shandong HuaYee Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. A company specializing in the manufacture of small excavators in China, You can choose any type of excavator you need and support various customizations. Looking forward to cooperating with you very much. Send Inquiry, Get exclusive services and exclusive discounted prices. Now more and more people will choose to buy small excavators from China, mainly because the quality is good and the price is cheap, you don't have to worry about how to receive the excavator and how to deal with the problem after. We can provide you with a complete set of service solutions, and we have a complete production team, marketing team, and after-sales team. You just need to choose the model you need and consider whether it is the right price. BEFORE SALE 1. TUV certified 2. Support customers to visit the factory 3. Support multiple payment methods such as TT, LC 4. Sufficient inventory 5. Rich experience professional sales team SELLING 1. Production process visualization 2. Packaging process visualization 3. Transportation process visualization AFTER SALE 1. One year warranty service 2. Enjoy a lifetime VIP service 3. Old customers can enjoy big discounts HY20U Mini Excavator Parameter Operating Weight 2000 kg Bucket Capacity 0.04 m3 Bucket Width 400 mm Travel Motor Famous brand Rotary Motor Famous brand Hydraulic Pump Tianji Gear Pump Multiple Directional Control Valve Famous brand HY26U Mini Excavator Parameter Operating Weight 2600 kg Bucket Capacity 0.066 m3 Bucket Width 460 mm Travel Motor LIKECHUSN Double Speed Rotary Motor Eaton walking motor Hydraulic Pump Taifeng plunger pump Multiple Directional Control Valve TLS HY35U Mini Excavator Parameter Operating Weight 3500 kg Bucket Capacity 0.09 m3 Bucket Width 600 mm Travel Motor LIKECHUSN Double Speed Rotary Motor LIKECHUAN Hydraulic Pump Taifeng plunger pump Multiple Directional Control Valve TLS The biggest advantage of the HY20U mini excavator: Details determine our attitude, and details determine the quality of products. Please my friend take a closer look. 1.International famous brand hydraulic hose. Advantages: international big brand, stable and reliable quality! 2. External six-way alloy hard tube Advantages: strong and durable, no fear of wind and sun 3. The external hydraulic hose is equipped with spring retainer and spiral protection. Advantages: Protect the hose from friction, collision, bending, etc. damage! 4. The built-in hydraulic pipes are neatly arranged and standardized. Advantages: easy to view and post-maintenance! 5. The hydraulic pipe is equipped with a guide guard ring. Advantages: Fix the direction of the oil pipe, and protect the oil pipe from damage such as squeezing friction! 6. The hydraulic hose of the boom goes to the inner line, and the oil pipe is placed below the unconventional. Advantages: The hose will not be bumped or broken with foreign objects! Wait for the details, no longer list them one by one, HUAYEE mini excavator is the most correct choice! What benefits can we bring to you ? (1): For consumers, our products are affordable, long service life, product models from 0.8 tons to 6 tons can meet any of your needs, support customization (2): For suppliers, we will provide you with enough profit

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