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Electric Wire & Cable is a very important category in the Electrical & Electronics industry. A good Electric Wire & Cable can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Electric Wire & Cable available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

How to source & buy Electric Wire & Cable

At made-in-china.com, Electric Wire & Cable are made from various kinds of features such as Conductor Material, Copper, Aluminum, Copper Clad Steel, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Conductor Material for example, you can find Copper Conductor Material, Aluminum Conductor Material and more.

By Conductor Material

The Best Electric Wire & Cable Products

Electrical Electric armed PVC xlpe silicone Insulated Wire power cable(UL 2464 Multi Core ) Customized UL2464 High Temperature Silicone Wire UL Electronic Cable Detailed Photos UL2464 110Cores 160cores cable is a connection wire which distributes power, data and signals within semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and requires machine wiring to connect controllers, sensors, actuators, motors, plasma generators and other equipment. It connects the relevant parts of the machine together so that they can be energized and communicate with each other and function properly. The cable is composed of 160 insulated core wires, special wrapping tape, aluminum foil shielding, Mylar isolation layer, super soft PVC outer coating. Super soft, feel good, even in the winter can also bend freely, easy to wiring. The product is UL certified and is mainly sold in the America.. Product Information Item Electrical Electric armed PVC xlpe silicone Insulated Wire power cable(UL 2464 Multi Core ) Conductor Stranded fine tinned copper wire condutors Insulation Special halogen-free thermoplastic insulation Outer sheath Special halogen-free thermoplastic sheath Core Number Multicores (As client's requirement) Nominal Voltage 300 V Temperature 80 ºC Color Optional Application This product is mainly suitable for internal and external wiring of electronic equipment. High-density and high-conductivity mesh shielding layer can ensure that the cable has strong anti-interference ability. The cable can be used as a measurement,inspection and control wire. And it also can be used in complete sets of equipment,heating, air conditioning systems, refrigeration equipment, office automation equipment and data processing 2,Low viscosity appearance Single-conductor, thermoplastic insulation 1007 1330 1333 1591 1723 10064 10369 1015 1331 1569 1592 1901 10070 10483 1185 1332 1577 1672 10012 10269 Multiple-conductor, thermoplastic insulation 2095 2129 2468 2586 2725 20233 20280 20963 2103 2463 2517 2587 2835 20276 20549 21198 2104 2464 2576 2661 2919 20279 20886 21664 Single-conductor, thermoset insulation 3075 3173 3320 3386 3530 3689 30005 3123 3212 3321 3398 3577 3702 3132 3266 3331 3512 3644 3817 3135 3271 3385 3529 3674 3886 Company Profile: Wire and cable manufacturer Linke Cable Technology Co., Ltd is a leading cable supplier in China. In the past over 10 years, Linke Cable has been focusing on R&D, production and marketing of wire and cable. Linke provide various cables&custom cable solutions for all over the world. We are specialized in EV charging cable, medical cable, silicone cable, spring cable, braided cable, towlobe cable, UL wire, automotive cable, etc. At Linke cable, we believe there's a better way to bring better cables to market. We use an engineer-to-engineer approach to develop better cables for customers and improve the quality of one's life. Our certification: We past UL1007,UL1185,UL1672,UL10070,UL10483,UL1015,UL1569,UL10012,UL10269(Single conductor,thermoplastic insulation) UL2095,UL2129,UL2468,UL2586,UL2725,UL20233,UL20280,UL20963,UL2103,UL2463,UL2517,UL2587,UL2835,UL20276,UL20549,UL21198,2104,UL2464,UL2576,UL2661,UL2919,UL20279,UL20886,UL21664 ISO9001 and ISO13485,TS16949 CNR- Appliance Wiring Material, Extruded PVC Insulated Single,rated 105ºC,1000V,ClassI,GroupA,B,or AB, FT1 and/or FT2. Extruded PVC Non-integral Jacketed Cable, rated 105"C, 1000V, Class I, Class or Class I/Il, Group A, B, or AB, FT1 and/or FT2. Extruded TPU Non-integral Jacketed Cable, rated 80"C, 300V, Class I, Class or Class I/Il, Group A, B, or AB, FT1 and/or FT2 FAQ 1. Are you

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