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Usage: This machine is suitable for heating. The heating method uses up and down heating, dual use of coal and electricity. Stainless steel chain plate structure is inside of the machine. Oven chain, curtain rods are clamped into the net. Teflon wrapped into the net, the upper layer can be electrically lifted to ensure that the product surface is smooth and flat. Machine structure: There are direct -type oven, double layer oven and three-layer oven to choose. Heating temperature: 120-180°C Equipment size: 2500mm*5900mm can be customized Technical Data: Features: 1. Uses two layers of Teflon mesh to clamp into the cotton 2. its Thickness is controlled by lifting system 3 drying room heating method: Thermal conductive oil 4. Air fan is controlled by two 15kw motors to control its air volume and distribute air evenly 5 insulation board is made of cold-rolled plate, the middle insulation body using aluminum silicate material

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