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Desktop 3D Printer is a very important category in the Office Supplies industry. A good Desktop 3D Printer can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Desktop 3D Printer available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Desktop 3D Printer are made from various kinds of features such as Nozzle Number, Double, Single, Three, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Nozzle Number for example, you can find Double Nozzle Number, Single Nozzle Number and more.

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Product Description Concrete mortar 3D printers take concrete mortar or other additives and extrude them through nozzles which print layer by layer to form concrete entities. This printer is suitable for microscopic evaluation of large structural designs, rapid house building, multi-dimensional architecture, etc. The 3D printer developed by Neld integrates mechanical, automation and informatization all in one equipment, combining with the practical application of research universities, is capable of providing a variety of design solutions for material science research. This product has obtained two utility model patents. This desktop 3D printer is widely used in research units for modelling and printing three-dimensional effect. This product have multiple features like rapid printing , material-saving,time and spacing saving,compact structure, swiftness and convenience. Technical Parameters 1.Print size:500×400×300(mm) 2.Exterior dimensions:1080×750×700(mm) 3.Drive motor: stepper motor 4.xy speed of motion:1~60mm/s 5. z-axis speed of motion:5~20mm/s 6. Positioning accuracy:0.08mm 7. Print head dimension:10mm(customization available) 8. Control cabinet: touch screen integrates with the control cabinet 9. Operating interface: 15-inch touch screen computer 10.Print path display: software online display of print path 11. Interface language:Chinese and english 12.Upgrade method:internet transfer, free updates 13. Material feeding method:manual or electric (Stepless variable speed) 14. Input voltage:AC220V±10%,50Hz 15. Maximum power:0.6kW 16. Printer weight:200kg 17. Dedicated feeding system:NELD-JC21( optional) Stepless variable speed control Standard Configurations 1.3D printer Three-dimensional motion frame (1) 2.3D printing smart console (1) 3.3D printing software pre-installation Details Highlights Support Customization 10mm print head equipped, customization for required sizes available Steady and reliable 0.08mm,high sensitivity, highly accurate, positioning accuracy up to 0.08mm Compact structure, adopting quiet design Ideal 3D printing product for consumers in need for printing micro-structure in scientific research unit
Concrete Mortar Desktop 3D Printer

Concrete Mortar Desktop 3D Printer

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