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Data parameters (By OUYAXUAN SGS report) Clause Test items Test methods Test Results Clause Test items Test methods Test Results 1 Drop ball impact JC/T 908-2013-7.7.1 1700mm 5 High-temperature resistance JC/T 908-2013-7.19 Appendix G Not affected, no change in color texture 2 Bending property JC/T 908-2013-7.8.1 GB/T 2567-2008 Bending strength: 43.0 MPa Flexural modulus: 9.14 Gpa 6 Oxygen index JC/T 908-2013-6.16.2/ 7.16.2 GB/T 2406-2009 67.0% 3 stain resistance JC/T 908-2013-7.15 Appendix E Total fouling resistance: 50 Maximum stain depth: 0.03mm 7 Barcol hardness JC/T 908-2013 GB/T 3854-2005 57 4 Chemical resistance JC/T 908-2013-7.17 Appendix F No obvious surface damage 8 Coefficient of linear Expansion JC/T 908-2013-6.11 Appendix D 5.4*105/ºC Oliky solid surface ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oliky solid surface advantages: First, No fear of high temperature, no discoloration and no smoke when it burns in high temperature. Fire-resistant and flame-retardant, it will not deform when directly contacting high-temperature objects. Second, the surface is hard, and it is applied to the exterior wall without fear of wind and sand etching, and it can be directly operated on the countertop when applied to the countertop of the cabinet. Third, Safe and healthy, without any radioactive elements harmful to human body. Packing ----------------------------------------------

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