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Features of ice water system Cost saving technology for clients With rich experience in developing and researching products during the passed tens of year, nowadays, SNOWKEY products are all made of reliable material with advanced design idea, which greatly improves the equipment performance. Above all,all these equipments can reduce operation cost for our clients. Simple to maintain design Simple to maintain design guarantees that even the largest refrigeration equipment can be swiftly and easily maintained by only one person with standard tools, which reduces downtime and enhances safety of the equipments. Thus, longer lifetime of the equipments is guaranteed as well. Overall proposal We can make the right proposal according to the client's specific requirement .SNOWKEY has different execution proposals of cooling products. We can provide the optimal design according to client's requirement. Conform to the PED standard In terms of mechanical characters and materials specification, all ice -making and water- cooling products of SNOWKEY conform to the Europe pressure vessel directive (PED) standard. Moreover, our company also can provide the products for the clients according to other related standard and different national standard; Backwater cooling Containerized ice water system is equiped with a backwater re-cooling system. When the water in the cold water tank has not been used for a long time, the water temperature will rise up to a certain temperature (can be set). And then the re-cooling system will start automatically to cool down the water temperature inside the cold water tank.. Containerized assembly The water chilling system is installed in a new 20/40 feet container. This container is painted white both inside and outside for screening sun. Inside, there are necessary illumination and air conditioning devices installed and aluminum plates floored on the bottom. Assembly, pipeline installation, wiring and pressure test of the water chilling equipment are all finished prior to delivery out of factory. ICW standard configuration 1. Outside is standard white 20/40 feet new container;inside is decorated with air conditioner, illumination and aluminum alloy floor; 2. Refrigerating compressor unit is semi-hermetic screw or piston compressor; 3. Evaporative condenser with double speed fan; 4. The 1st and 2nd stage is highly effective stainless steel plate heat exchanger or shell and tube evaporator; 5. The 3rd stage is stainless steel immersion plate heat exchanger with air pump; 6. Necessary refrigeration system control, protect components and refrigeration pipeline connection; 7. Valves and subcooling backwater pump of water line system inside with flow indication and low water flow alarm indication; 8. Electrical control components and electric box with operator interface for displaying the five stage water temperature; 9. Raw water tank and cold water tank level display are optional. Design condition Max. temperature : 60°C Wet-bulb temperature: 30°C Water-in temperature : 46°C Water-out temperature: 0.5°C . Power supply: 3P/380V/50Hz Running time: 24hours Refrigerant: R22\R404A\R717 Performance parameter

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