The Best Compound Fertilizer Products

Full Water-soluble NPK 17-17-17 SOP High tower granulation. Full water soluble. Usable for drip and sprinkler irrigation. Nitric nitrogen and ammoniacal nitrogen content. quick and long-lasting effects. Adds trace elements S, Zn, and Mg. Comprehensive nutrients. Suitable for base fertilizer. High quality potassium dihydrogen phosphate and potassium nitrate as raw material. Increases the content of protein, soluble sugar and vitamin C in fruit. Bright-coloured and tasty fruits and vegetables. Application recommendations Crops: Vegetables, fruit trees, tubers, tobacco, tea, peanut, sesame and other cash crops. Sowing methods: Furrow application; Hole application; Broadcasting, etc. When drip, sprinkler and flushing irrigation, the water solution needs to be diluted 400 to 1000 times. Any recommendations are meant as a guide and must be adapted to suit local conditions, crop growth period, soil fertility level and target yield. Package and storage: 40/50kg in a plastic bag. 1MT in a 1000kg bag.

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