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Material: Zinc Alloy Color: Grey, Gold MOQ: 2 SETS Unlock option: Fingerprint, Face, App, Card, Password, Key Emergency Supply: Available for Power Bank of Type-C Application / Description Application area: Apartment, Residence, Villa, Office, etc. Specifications: Company Introduction: Founded in 1990, Guangdong Archie Hardware Company Limited built our reputation on world-class consultation and installation services, and comprehensive after-sales support. Growing together with our clients over the past 30 years, we've developed a vertically integrated manufacturing process that allows us to control every stage of production. With a rapidly growing list of accreditations and industry honors, Archie began attracting a wider global audience for its products. Today, Archie's sales network spans the globe -with more than 1700 agents and distributors in 59 countries around the world. Superior Quality: With ISO 9000, 9001 and OHSAS 14001 accreditations, the company meets the strictest international standards in manufacturing and environmental management. Archie's facilities include a self-sustaining eco-management system, which purifies contaminated water before it leaves the factory - protecting the environment and upholding Archie's commitment to corporate social responsibility. Safeguard Health Up to 99% - ARCHIE Antibacterial Technique People cannot avoid touching door locks and other hardware in their daily life, so how can we protect ourselves from those viruses live on the surface of the hardware? ARCHIE do cares about your health and we developed antibacterial technique and implemented on our hardware products. ARCHIE R&D department has successfully overcome the antibacterial technology of zinc products and copper products. The performance of zinc-based antibacterial agents is less than one-thousandth of that of silver-based antibacterial agents, and it is difficult to achieve antibacterial effects. While copper-based antibacterial agents are easily oxidized and discolored in the air, causing problems such as damage to the appearance of locks. In this case, a water-soluble antibacterial agent containing a free silver ionophore is added to a high-grade coating, and the silver ions are reduced to silver in a special way, and the high-grade coating is co-precipitated on the surface of the product to form a layer of antibacterial silver-containing silver Coating, so that the product achieves an antibacterial rate of 99%, and guarantees product performance while achieving safety without irritation. At the product process, because the antibacterial paint layer is mixed, as long as the paint layer does not fall off on the product surface, the antibacterial performance will theoretically continue. The silver ion antibacterial agents used by ARCHIE is a water-soluble antibacterial agents containing a free silver ion carrier, which is mixed into high-grade coatings, and the free silver ions are reduced to silver in a special way, and then deposited with the high-grade coating on the product surface, a layer of silver-containing coating with antibacterial effect is formed on the surface of the product, so that the product achieves antibacterial results. In terms of antibacterial principles, ARCHIE Antibacterial Technology uses a Japanese technology-specific antibacterial coating containing a large amount of antibacterial silver ions. The silver ions are in contact with the bacterial cell membrane, penetrate and combine with the cells, so that the enzymes in the bacteria lose their activity. The silver ions are released again and again to achieve the purpose of inhibiting bacterial reproduction and killing bacteria, so that common bacteria such as Escherichia Coli and

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