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Product Description The standard paging machine series adopts the principle of friction to realize paging feeding, including three-stage structure of paging feeding, conveying and automatic collection. The whole machine is made of stainless steel material combined with a lightweight design style, with a detachable floor stand for convenient packaging, saving transportation costs and space; the unique paging structure design makes the product adaptable, easy to adjust, and easy to operate; and has a wealth of options The functions meet various application needs and are cost-effective. Widely suitable for: paper, labels, cartons, ordinary plastic bags and other packaging products; can be equipped with CIJ (small characters), TIJ (high resolution) and other inkjet printers, plane labeling machines, and laser printers as needed. Text, patterns, etc. In addition, because it adopts the mode of discharging under friction, the material can be continued without stopping; it can also be equipped with a negative pressure adsorption function, so that the product can run close to the belt without slipping or shifting, and the surface is smooth for subsequent printing or other processes. Carry out; supporting automatic collection function: overlapping design, stacking products one by one, neat collection, etc.; at the same time, it can be customized according to requirements. Detailed Photos Production Process Company Show Our Team Certifications Company Profile

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