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Coating Machine is a very important category in the Packaging & Printing industry. A good Coating Machine can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Coating Machine available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Coating Machine are made from various kinds of features such as Type, Roll Coater, Roll Coater, Air Doctor Coater, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Type for example, you can find Roll Coater Type, Roll Coater Type and more.

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Advantages: 1. More than 10 years' experience in powder coating industry. 2. Expert technical team composed of experienced engineers and technicians 3. High productivity and less consumption 4. Reasonable price 5. Overall after-sale service All the powder coating equipment and paint spraying equipment are widely used in all metal workpieces, transportation industry, hardware industry, building materials decoration, security, home appliances, mechanical engineering, wire mesh, electrical appliances, instrumentation, radiators, security doors, pipes, valves, furniture, shelves, hangers, lamps, fire extinguishers and many other fields. OUR ADVANTAGE: Pollution free operation,Safe to operate,Maximum recovery efficiency,Durability,Quick colour change. Professional Design ,Professional Scheme ,Professional Installation. 1,Hanna intelligent gun, unique circuit board design, Complete solve the problem of workpiece powder grooves on the dead angle, groove with powder. 2,Hanna unique to the wind system which make the effective temperature difference control furnace temperature fluctuate 3 ºC, ensure that products without color difference,coating dose not fall off. 3,Hanna big cyclone recovery system powder recovery rate as high as99.2%,ensure no dust spillover.Unique fast color change powder supply center, change color only 10 to 15 minutes. SERVICE ASSURANCE: 1,Provide complete information, including equipment drawing, electrical circuit control chart and use maintenance instruction. 2,Equipment troubleshooting method. 3,Provide the list of consumables to assist customers in establishing a comprehensive equipment maintenance system. 4,After the equipment is delivered to the customer, our company will send professionals to track the customer equipment for 60 days. 5,If customer has a device failure in the process of using the device, our company will operate the device remotely through the computer network through the authorization given by the customer, and eliminate all equipment failure problems. 6,Any problems with the equipment, our company guarantees to give solutions within 12 hours. 7,The warranty period of the equipment is 2 years. In 2 years, spare parts will be provided free of charge for any problems caused by non-human factors Since 1990,From simple manual spraying to automatic powder spraying system. We can provide you with innovative, rational and economical solutions. We can support you with advanced technologies.Delivering the best powder coating equipments and turn-key solutions. We've built thousands of optimal customized lines and systems for powder coating operations across China and around the world. Our continuous research on the field as well as our constantly developing techniques and innovative nature of our engineering dpt. enable our customers to catch up to the latest developments by modernizing their equipment partly or wholly, so as to improve performance, increase profits and maintain their competitiveness in the world of trade. Our company has passed ISO9001 certification,CE certification, and has obtained more than 70 patents. Are you a trader or a factory? We are manufacturer and exporter. Our own factory was found in 1990,Our export office was established in 2014. What should I provide if interested in your powder coating equipment ? A.The material/size(max)/weight(max)of your workpiece. B.How many of your daily output(one day=8hours,one month=30days)? C.What heating power do you prefer: electric, gas, diesel or coal? D.The size of your factory(length, width and height)? How to ensure the quality of the equipment? A,We have hundreds of patents and passed the IS9001:2015 quality management system certification. B,The Tec

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