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Product Description FRP tank is made with fiberglass and resin with filament winding process, it's characteristics are: Light weight, its density is 1.5-1.9, equals one forth of the steel, but its strength is higher. Corrosion resistant, we can select different kind of resin against the variety of the media, such as acid, alkaline, salt and oil etc. The inner surface is very smooth, the roughness coefficient is 0.0084, it is easier to clean, and has good sanitary property. Good property against low temperature, it can be used under the condition of -80ºC. Good thermal insulation property, its thermal expansion factor is 2*10-5/ºC, the thermal conductivity is 0.2 Kcal.m/m2.h. ºC. The formation is easy, maintenance is convenient and it is suitable for the comprehensive equipment, the diameter is more than 4000mm can be fabricated on jobsite. It's volume is 1m3-5000m3, and already be widely used for Chemical, Petrochemical, dyeing, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, brewing, water treatment, chlor-alkali, etc many different industries. GRP tank is composed of inner layer, the structural layer and outer layer. The Inner layer is included resin rich layer and middle layer 1 Resin rich layer It is corrosion-resistant layer composed by resin coat and surface mat. The content of resin is more than 90%, and the thickness is not less 1.7mm. 2 Middle layer It adopts E-chopped fiberglass and inner liner resin. The content of resin is from 65% to 75% and the thickness is not less 3.3mm. This layer can efficiently prevent the extension of fine cracks on inner surface. So it plays a role of double protection. 3 Structural layer This layer reinforces the inner surface and leakage proof layer, resisting the out load of the tower and guarantee rigidity and strength of the pipe. It adopts the combination of E-glass woven fabric, helical winding and hoop winding. The adopted resin is structural type and the content is from 55% to 65%. The thickness depends on the calculation of the specific condition. At the production of this layer, our company adopt cross winding process, so it can avoid the occurrence of hoop cracks efficiently. 4 Outer surface layer It is ageing resistant layer. The resin adopted includes ultraviolet absorbent and paraffin, so it can efficiently prevent the tower from ageing under the ultraviolet radiation outdoors. The thickness is 1.5mm, the content of resin should be more than 90%. Detailed Photos Product Parameters Dimension table of FRP vertical tank with flat bottom Vol. (m3)/Dia. (mm) DN1600 DN1800 DN2000 DN2200 DN2600 DN3000 DN4000 10 5140 4090 3370 20 8030 6550 5460 4000 30 8100 5890 4550 50 9650 7390 4340 80 11630 6740 100 8340 150 12340 Certifications Company Profile Hengshui Jiubo Composites Co., Ltd. is professional manufacturer of FRP Pipe, FRP storage tank, FRP cooling tower, FRP molded products, FRP pultruded products and relative FRP production machines & technology. Through the continuous development and introduction of professional technology, our company rely on advanced technology, exquisite craftsmanship, reliable quality and perfect service, passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 certification, our annual sales of glass fiber reinforced plastic series products achieved 20,000 tons, products have been sold to all over the world, USA, Brazil, Japan, Germany, India, Malaysia, Iran, Egypt etc, and won the support and trust from new & old customers. Main products: FRP tank and chemical equipment High, middle, low pressure FRP pipe FRP small-scaled wastewater treatment tank FRP cooling tower FRP pultrusion, molded series products FRP polyme
Chemical Storage Transportation Equipment

Chemical Storage Transportation Equipment

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