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Trukey Chemical Storage Mixing Transporation Equipment 1. Introduction: Milk cooling storage tank is mainly used in preserving and storing fresh milk or other fresh liquid. It fully used the international advanced technology, adopts importing European Maneurop (non-fluorine) refrigerator and safety and protection system, imported advanced technique. So it's the ideal cooling and storage equipment for pasture, milk station, milk factory, food factory, and beverage factory and pharmacy industry. 2. Tank part Vol: 500L~15000L Material: SUS304 /316 Isolation material: PU foam 2. Cooling system Compressor: Maneurop Refrigerant: R404A or R22 4. CHARACTERISTICS OF CONTROL CABINET: A. Temperature Meter: Temperature show B. Refrigerator control system set and the milk temperature adjustment. C. Adjusts the Agitator for fully mixing up. D. Function of the panel: Alarm for warning This system can cooling large area of the inside pot surface, utilizing the automatic computer control system to observe and operate, which can quickly lower the temperature to 4º Cand keep to this constant temperature, that prevent from the growth of the bacteria. The refrigeration compressor unit are choose the excellent performance and energy-saving European "Maneurop" compressor, equipped with the creditable midpoint protector that will prevent the equipment from burn out caused by over loading or system fault. The heat preservation layer utilized the new technique of the anti-aging polyurethane blister, it owns the brilliant characteristics of heat insulations. The body of the Pot(vessel) make by the high quality stainless steel material 304 (OCr18Ni9)equipped with automatic cleaning ball and mixing system. 3000L 5000L 8000L Milk Storage Cooling Chilling Vat Tank Price ITEM Vessel Capacity(L) Refrigeration power (W) Rotation speed Matched power L× W× H Refrigerant Power supply LH-M0.5 500 5322 33r/min 3KW 2200× 1350× 1150 R404A(R22) 380V/3/50Hz LH-M1 1000 8842 33r/min 4.5KW 2200× 1350× 1550 R404A(R22) 380V/3/50Hz LH-M1.5 1500 9214 33r/min 5KW 2200× 1200× 1750 R404A(R22) 380V/3/50Hz LH-M2 2000 16221 33r/min 6KW 3300× 1500× 1700 R404A(R22) 380V/3/50Hz LH-M2.5 2500 16221 33r/min 7KW 3700× 1450× 1500 R404A(R22) 380V/3/50Hz LH-M3 3000 17221 33r/min 7KW 3950× 1500× 1700 R404A(R22) 380V/3/50Hz LH-M4 4000 21500 33r/min 14kw 3950× 1900× 1850 R404A(R22) 380V/3/50Hz LH-M5 5000 28442 33r/min 14KW 4200× 2100× 2000 R404A(R22) 380V/3/50Hz LH-M6 6000 32000 33r/min 14KW 4200× 2100× 2200 R404A(R22) 380V/3/50Hz LH-M8 8000 41668 33r/min 19KW 5200× 2200× 2150 R404A(R22) 380V/3/50Hz LH-M10 10000 51360 33r/min 23KW 6000x2200x2150 R404A(R22) 380V/3/50Hz LH-M12 12000 51360 33r/min 23KW 6000x2200x2300 R404A(R22) 380V/3/50Hz LH-M15 15000 65200 33r/min 30KW 7000x2200x2400 R404A(R22) 380V/3/50Hz The more details you show in your inquiry ,the better quotaion for you . Trukey Chemical Storage Mixing Transporation Equipment .

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