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Chemical Reactor is a very important category in the Manufacturing & Processing Machinery industry. A good Chemical Reactor can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Chemical Reactor available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Chemical Reactor are made from various kinds of features such as Type, Electrolyzer, Fermentation Extraction, Reaction Kettle, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Type for example, you can find Electrolyzer Type, Fermentation Extraction Type and more.

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Product Overview Reactor is a kind of pressure vessel used to complete the chemical or physical reactions produced in the process of material mixing, hydrolysis, neutralization, vulcanization, nitrification, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation and so on. Product structure The reaction kettle is composed of kettle body, head, sealing device, transmission device, mixing system/homogenization system/dispersion system, vacuum system, circulation system, refrigeration system, heating device, control system and other parts, and the products are diverse. According to the different product functions and applicable production scenarios, flexible packaging and configuration can be carried out. With different components, there are many names, such as resin kettle, polymerization kettle, dissolution kettle, distillation kettle Emulsion kettle, enzymolysis tank, etc. Technical parameter Type Volume(L) Cylinder Size(mm) Motor Power(KW) Speed(rpm) Material MK-FYF-0.5 50 300 0.55 30-180 SUS304 / SUS316L MK-FYF-1 100 500 0.75 30-180 SUS304 / SUS316L MK-FYF-2 200 600 1.1 30-180 SUS304 / SUS316L MK-FYF-3 300 700 1.5 30-180 SUS304 / SUS316L MK-FYF-5 500 900 2.2 30-180 SUS304 / SUS316L MK-FYF-8 800 1000 3 30-180 SUS304 / SUS316L MK-FYF-10 1000 1100 4 30-180 SUS304 / SUS316L MK-FYF-20 2000 1300 5.5 30-180 SUS304 / SUS316L MK-FYF-30 3000 1500 7.5 30-180 SUS304 / SUS316L MK-FYF-40 4000 1700 7.5 30-180 SUS304 / SUS316L MK-FYF-50 5000 1900 11 30-180 SUS304 / SUS316L MK-FYF-100 10000 2000 15 30-180 SUS304 / SUS316L Note: The technical parameters of the reaction kettle in the table are standard parameters, which are only for reference. We can design customized solutions according to customer needs. According to the material characteristics and the user's process requirements, our company will recommend the proper type of agitator and mixing speed. The agitators suitable for low viscosity and medium viscosity fluids include propelling agitators, turbine agitators, inclined blade agitators, Brumakin agitators, plate and frame agitators, three blade backward curved agitators, MIG agitators, etc. The agitators suitable for high viscosity and ultra-high viscosity fluids include anchor type agitator, frame type agitator, spiral belt type agitator and screw type agitator. The combined agitator can also be made according to the technological requirements of users. Product FAQ Q: 1.For steam heating, which is better, coil or jacket? A: The cost of the coil is lower than that of the jacket, but because the heat exchange area of the coil is not as large as that of the jacket, the heat transfer speed of the coil will be lower than that of the jacket. Therefore, we suggest that coil heating can be selected if there is no strict requirement on heating speed and required temperature. Q: 2.What is the difference between an inner coil reactor and an outer coil reactor? A: The coil of the inner coil reactor is in direct contact with the production materials, which transfers the temperature of the coil itself to the materials in the tank; There will be a liner between the coil of the outer coil reactor and the production materials, so the heat transfer rate of the outer coil will be lower than that of the inner coil. Q: 3.How to choose electric heating and steam heating? A: Electric heating is more convenient. 220V or 380V power can be connected to the site. For steam heating, steam generator shall be equipped on site for steam circulation. Steam heating involves steam pressure, so the price will be higher than electric heating. Q: 4.How to choose the motor power and the electric heating power? A: If you have questions about the motor p

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