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Product Description GSS--- As a professional smart liquid filling machine manufacturer & factory in China, We supply turnkey solution for the liquid filling plant, including automatic/semi-automatic liquid filling machine for the chemical, petrochemical, food & agrifood industries. Our filling machine can fill 1-1500L liquid chemicals such as General liquid: Paint Resin Lubricant Thinner Ink Curing agent Toluene Acetone Trimethyl ester Antifreeze Grease, Corrosive liquid: Sulfuric Acid Nidrochloric Acid Lye, High Viscosity liquid: Coating Emulsion Butter Lotion, Foamable and static electricity liquid: Detergent Tetrahydrofuran Cyclopentane N-pentane Methyl acetate Methanol Formula Butanediol Explosive Solvents, Some other liquids: Acrylic Acid Diether Silane Phenol Paint Paste Solvent Conductive Oil Hot Glue Cool Glue Acid Alcohol Ethanol Diluent Crude Oil Flavour/Perfume Fragrance Spice/Essence Phosphoric Acid Gear Oil Epoxy Resin Edible Oil Polyurethane Corn Oil Dyeing Auxiliaries. 1-10 L/KG Semi-automatic liquid chemical filling packing machine Product Description GAF-10 Series Filling Machine - Main Features Main Function Configuration : *English display * Intelligence and high-efficiency *Professional nozzle * Easy operation *Function conversion * Accuracy and quickness * Branded configuration * Explosion-proof and protection Applicable materials : *Short nozzle type: general materials such as coating, paint, resin, curing agent, lubricant, ink, diluent, edible oil, chemical liquid, etc. *Long nozzle type: foamable and explosive liquid materials such as detergent, tetrahydrofuran, cyclopentene, N-pentane, methyl acetate and explosive solvent, etc. Optional configuration : Auto transmission / Auto positioning and aligning opening mouth/Double nozzles and metering/ Multiple nozzles and metering/ Nitrogen filling and sealing / Other customization. Main Parameter : Related products GSS, One-stop OEM/ODM factory solution for designing and development of liquid chemical filling machines for over 20+ years. we make many kinds of 1-1500 L liquid filling machines for our clients to choose. Certifications Why GSS Machine is Trusted by 1000+ Liquid Chemical Filling Equipment Importers? *With CE, EMC, ISO9001, PCEC Quality Management System Certification. *Constantly making progress in response to the new national policy. *Designing the best equipment for the customer. *20+Years of experience to effectively avoid problems. *Acquired the acquisition of well-known enterprises domestic company and abroad. *Professional technical team, efficient solution, strict production management, complete pre-sales service. Company Profile GSS(Taiwan-enterprise)Liquid Filling Machine Manufacturer OEM/ODM Factory | Agent distributors wanted --- Turnkey Solution Of Liquid Chemical Filling Safety & Highly Efficient 1. When the power is cut off, the system resets automatically. 2. Operator level of access. 3. Certified explosion-proof control box. 4. With guardrail & Lander. 5. Can set the filling formulas (1-99sets). 6. Record date & capacity per barrel on the system. One-stop Solutions From design, production, installation and commissioning, to training, maintenance. Customization Specially designed and manufactured from customer's material, barrel, output and other requirements. Brand Clients Praise Our Clients Say:"Safety ,Intelligent ,Precise ,All-round partner". GSS-Scale (Suzhou) Co., Ltd design and development of liquid filling machines for chemical industry over 20+ years. --- As a professional Top 3 liquid chemical filling machines manufacturer & factory in China, Our filling machine can fill all kinds of liquid chemicals such as General liquid(Paint Resin Lubricant Thinne

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