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Solar Power DC Compressor Refrigerator 1.High technology DC Compressor,efficiency improved 20%. 2.Anti inclination,Anti bump,can work on gradient 45 degree. 3.Thermostability,can work on 50 ºC high temperature. 4. 3 kinds of unction keys: push-button type, touch type, remote control type 5. Surface material is toughened glass with decorative pattern,very beautiful. Power Supply: 1. 12V battery supply(battery charged by AC electricity or solar power) 2. cigar lighter 3. AC electricity( with AC/DC converter) Specifications: 4 Models for your choice: 25L,30L,40L and 50L Accessories of Car Refrigerator(Optional) 1. AC/DC Adapter 2. Protective Clothing Function: insulation work and prevent surface scratch 40L solar refrigeartor to Europe market:

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